Monday, August 1, 2011

Reese's early birthday surprise!

Reese has been a doll lover since she was big enough to hold one. And it was probably about that time when our good family friend, the Corrigans, introduced us to a little something called American Girl.

Reese got her first American Girl doll, the bitty baby, from my parents for her second Christmas. Her name is Sarah, and she has been a very special part of our family for quite some time now.

When Reese turned three, Chet's parents gave her the bitty twins, who are known as Freddy and Sam.

Since receiving her first doll nearly four years ago, she has also collected a lot of outfits and accessories!

But I have always said that she couldn't have big American Girl doll until she was five. One, they are expensive, and I had hoped by five years old, she would better appreciate it. And two, I wanted her to remember the experience. Thankfully, Kansas City now has an American Girl store so her "experience" didn't have to be receiving it in the mail.

This past Saturday was the day! She had no idea where her grandmas and I were taking her. We asked her if she could shop at any store for her favorite toy, where would it be.


No settling for Target on this trip!

We headed out bright and early Saturday would have never guessed she wasn't feeling well.

Once we arrived in KC, we made a quick stop at Mommy's favorite second hand store and STOCKED UP!

Then it was we were walking up to the big red store, Reese started noticing little girls and dolls...."Why are all those girls carrying around their American Girl dolls, Mom?" Hmm....

I think it's safe to say this felt like a little piece of heaven to my girl....

and possibly a bit overwhelming.

She has seen a Halloween angel outfit in the catalog about a month ago, so she got that, and then she had a slight meltdown. Not bad, she just wanted more, which how could you not. So she got an outfit for herself hoping someone will get the matching one for her doll.

Her and I browsed around the store a little more while the grandmas made some purchases.....

Then "Cara" (more on her name later) got her hair done.

Reese first wanted her hair in a pony tail....$20 for a pony tail, I think not! So then she asked for two pony tails. Uhh, we can still do that at home! She finally decided on two braids, which the next morning she kindly asked for two pony tails.

What a great memory! I will never forget it and don't think her grandmas will either.

So, back to her name, Cara.....

After spending however much time we spent at AG, we grabbed a snack, and the entire time we were in the food court, Reese kept asking to ride the merry-go-round, non-stop.

Grandma Linda rode with her since just watching it made mine and Grandma Cheryl's head spin.

They rode a couple times and her doll was invited the second time, so I thought why not call her Cara from carousel. Reese loved it, and when I asked her if she wanted to spell it with a "K" or a "C" she quickly replied "C". Perfect!

One of the workers in American Girl recommended we visit another store, so we did.

Talk about overwhelming!

All jewelry! Color coordinated. I was in heaven this time! I will be going back there!

Reese enjoyed the little girls section.

And finally, we ended our fun day with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!

It was a long day for Reese, but she did great, so well behaved and so grown up. I love this girl so much, and I hope she had as much fun as her grandmas and I had!

And lets hope she remembers this a month from now when she actually turns five!

Thank you Grandmas for being part of this special day! I can't even begin to tell you how much Reese loves both of you! She is so blessed to have each of you!

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