Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sunday Funday!

I don't know what your family does when it's 100 degrees and 90% humidity, but the Buchman clan goes to the golf course!

Daddy's idea as I'm sure you guessed.

Reese seems to be naturally good at golf.

she'd walk up to the ball and just effortlessly hit it....

and of course, pose and admire her skillzzz!

And then go find something else to do, like collect all the baskets on the range and let her imagination run wild.

Cru impressed us....

but had to work at it a little harder than his sister.

Crazy to think it won't be long before Everlee is hitting right along with them.

Two hours was a long time to be out in that heat, but it's the time spent as a family that matters...

and it doesn't hurt getting a lesson or two either.....thanks, Craig!

Sunday evening we wised up and decided to beat the heat with a dip in Papa and Grammie's pool!

I can't believe Reese is jumping off the side by herself!

There's no way she'd do that at the beginning of the summer!

My mom and I took Everlee for a walk, and boy was she ready for a dip when we got back!

It was a cool way to end our weekend!

Thanks, Grammie and Papa!

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