Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TRP (totally random post)

Once again, I've been a bad blogger. I just haven't been in the mood, plus I do most of my blogging at night, and I've been making myself go to bed early (usually around 11) instead of 1am. So this is a totally random post, which will probably jump from one thing to another to another, to catch you up on some of the things we've been up to.

Last weekend, my mom and I took Reese to see the Wizard of Oz which was being put on by the McPherson Theatre Club.

Reese loved it! We all did. She even got to pet Toto at the end.

My kids have been driving me batty today, which has resulted in me eating at least 10 oreos.

I've been doing a little bit of of redecorating and rearranging around the house. It was driving me crazy laying in bed at night thinking about it, so I finally just started getting some of it done.

After having these crosses lay on my bedroom floor for months still in the sacks, I finally hung them up. We've had the headboard to our bed in storage since our last house was for sale, and I don't foresee getting it out anytime soon, so this was my headboard solution. I love them!

I have two of these shelves in our room. They use to be black, so for a quick inexpensive change that added a little more color to our room, I spray painted them (well, Chet did).

In our eating area, I use to just have the spoon, knife, and fork. It seemed bare so I added these.

And I'm also finally putting up some curtains over our sliding glass door.

I was supposed to go to Twilight tonight at midnight with my two SILs, Cheyna and Casyn, but our theater was all sold out of tickets. Yes, I was going to be one of those people.

Typical male, happy with a phone in one hand and remote in the other.

My husband surprised me with this fabulous new purse yesterday! Love it! Thank you, babe.

I can't believe I'm posting this, but welcome to my bedroom!

Chet's side of the closet was another one of my keep-me-awake-all-night projects. It was a disaster, pure chaos, which obviously didn't bother him, but it drove me nuts, so I emptied and sorted everything. I had keep, trash, and Goodwill piles. Everything I kept is now organized and folded nicely on a new storage shelf.

Looking forward to 4th of July!

Someone got into the markers.

Every afternoon once Cru goes down for his nap, this is where you can find Reese (except when she goes to the BIG pool with Cheyna and Casyn, like yesterday).

If my little girl hears the construction workers next door drop one more f-bomb, I'm going to f-bomb them!

Coy usually joins us.

This is where you can find me.

And when it's time to dry off before heading inside, Reese searches high and low for every little piece of sidewalk chalk.....

drowns them in water.....

then writes. Every time.

So there you have it. Totally random, huh? But it's a little of what we've been up to. Maybe this will motivate me to get back into picture taking and blogging......or maybe it will just enable me to put it all off for a little bit longer.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


We really didn't do anything special on Father's Day, but it really doesn't matter because when you start receiving cards like this, it makes any day special.

(Isn't her "S" the best?!)

Reese's handwriting at 3 1/2 (for my own baby book notes).


We've had lots to celebrate this week.....
  • My one main goal of the summer was to get Reese potty trained at night. She's been potty trained for quite a long while, except at night. And I take all the blame because one, I'm lazy and two, I had no idea how to potty train at night. I figured I had some time to mentally prepare myself to get ready for this, however about a week and a half ago, we were in the middle of our normal bedtime routine when Chet caught her peeing in her pull up. He had enough! He made her take her pull up off and put on panties. Once we left her room, my reaction, "Do you realize how many times we're going to be up tonight?!" His response, "Oh, I didn't think about that." She wet her bed four nights in a row starting with that night. Not fun! We weren't turning back, but I had no idea what to do.....was I supposed to wake her up throughout the night and make her go? That was not a habit I was excited about getting into. Something must have clicked though because she has now made it a full week with no accidents during the night! Every morning she wakes up, she can't wait to tell me, "I didn't pee in my bed!" And I can't wait to hear it! As a reward for her doing such a good job she got to go to Pizza Hut for lunch one day this week (among a few other surprises).

Cru enjoyed getting in on that reward too!

  • Today, Chet and I are celebrating 9 years since our first date together. Wow! We've been through and done a lot together during that time, and there's no one I'd rather have by my side. Love you, babe.
  • Yesterday, was my one year blog-iversary.

Time sure does fly!

Cheers to our week of celebrations!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I decided to throw a surprise party to celebrate Chet's 30th. I waited until the last minute to plan everything, but it turned out great despite Chet not being surprised :(

To keep Chet out of the house all day, I had his dad, his brother, and my dad take him golfing. The best part, Chet had no clue all of his buddies from KC were also going to be golfing with them. He was SHOCKED to see them all there! But once that surprise was over, he pretty much knew something was up, which was fine. He appreciated my efforts, and I appreciate that.

It was really hot so waiting on Chet to arrive felt longer than it probably was. We passed the
time with good company.

(Chet's sisters - Casyn, Chancey, and Cheyna)

Reese and Carter passed the time by catching moss. She was a princess, he was a dragon.

He finally arrived!


It meant a lot to Chet to have Chancey here from Florida.

It's hard getting a family this big all together, but we did it this weekend!

This little guy was hot.....

....and searching for a cold beverage.

You're never too old to blow out candles!

As the evening went on, we enjoyed great conversation.

And the kids continued to have a good time together.

Like I said before, it was really hot, and I can't imagine how all those guys felt after golfing in the heat all day, then partying in it all evening. That's why I was surprised it took as long as it did for this to happen.

A big thank you again to EVERYONE who came!

(Greg, Jeff, Ben, Chet, Tim, Luke, and Mat)

(my parents with my dad's brother, Merrill, and my Aunt Linda)

(Reese with Ben and Jenny Mitchell)

Our party animal, Reese, stayed until the very end and ended up staying up until mid night helping Chet open gifts.

We love you, Daddy! We hope you had a great birthday (and father's day) weekend!