Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Technically, it's not dress up

Yesterday, we were playing in Reese's room, and we decided to have a little fun with Cru....a little accessorizing. Shhh, don't tell Daddy.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Lets swim!

After I put her in the car, she said, "Do you want to run errands with me?"

Splish splash


I love your pool, Grandma!

The mermaid pose

Sweet Maddox

Take the picture, Mom, we have swimming to do!

Reese and Carter, what a sweet pair

I can't believe it's practically July and this was our first weekend in Grandma and Grandpa's pool! On Saturday, once Daddy got home from his golf tournament, Reese and I couldn't get over there fast enough. What fun! Audrey, Chelsea, Carter, and Maddox joined the fun. It had been a while since Reese and Carter had seen each other, so I think they had fun catching up. I think Reese really missed him because when it was time to leave, she wanted at least 5 hugs from him. And what a gentleman, he gave her one every time she asked.

We went back Sunday for more pool time. Cru was even ready for the water, kinda. When we left the house, I had him all ready in his swim gear, but when we got to Grandma's, he was passed out. Thinking he would only sleep for 15 minutes, Reese and I headed outside and we told Grandma just to bring him out when he woke up. He slept all afternoon! Grandma brought him out when he finally woke up, but he wasn't too excited about the water. He wanted food, go figure. We thought it was good time to go in for the afternoon. Next summer he'll be more into things. Still made some memories though.

First time in the water

Just get me a bottle!

Friday, June 26, 2009

4 months old!

We have made it another month without going too crazy.

About me at 4 months

First, today's onesie tells a lot. The only time I sit still is when I'm taking one of my half hour cat naps and when I'm eating. I sleep all night, but still with Mommy and Daddy. They just won't put me in my crib ;) These days, as my Mommy has said before, I love chewing especially on my fingers.

I also love watching my silly big sister. I truly adore her. She's going to teach me a lot. I'm not talking yet, but I sure love to see how loud I can squeal. My mom and dad just bought me this awesome new chair.

No, not a recliner that every man dreams of. I don't sit still, remember. It's this super fun chair that spins, sings, rattles, and jumps. I love it, but I think my mom loves it even more...she keeps putting me in it. I guess I'll give her a break from carrying me, I am kinda heavy.

I think he likes it

What's making that noise?

Found something good

I'm going to give my parents a little more time before I crawl. So for now, I'll just keep rolling.

The only bad thing that comes with turning 4 months is that I have to get more shots. I've got about a week to get mentally prepared.

Can't forget about Miss Reese.

Taking a break from watering

That's where my leftover garage sale stickers went(Reese and Aunt Cheyna)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8 years

Wow, June 24, 2001 hardly seems like 8 years ago. Seems more like last week. That is when Chet and I had our first date! Knowing who he was in high school, but never getting to know who he actually was, I was all of a sudden intrigued with him while we were both working at the golf course....funny, witty, smart, handsome, and really hot when he played golf. We played golf, had dinner at Applebee's, then played pool at the bowling alley. I wish I could say it ended with a kiss, but rather it ended with my dad hunting me down, finally finding me at 3:30 am, and telling me in his choice words to get my butt home. We were merely talking in the bowling alley parking lot, but I guess a father doesn't see things that way. I'm sure Chet will react the same way with his daughter. From then on out, we went on many great dates, but my favorite times were spent in the wee hours of the morning at the golf course, falling sleep on the greens, and waking up to sprinklers pelting us in the face. Life was good then, but it's even better now. I never could have imagined loving Chet more than I did back then, but I do. I love you, babe!

On a different note, Cru slept in his crib last night! Well, kinda. He made it until around 2:30 am. I didn't want to get into the habit of him eating during the night again, so instead of fixing him a bottle, I just brought him to bed with me. He was back to sleep in seconds and stayed alseep until 9 am! He's really chewing, chewing, chewing these days. Why do babies have to teethe? It causes them so much pain and discomfort. He's proven day after day that he's nothing like Reese, but he could be when it comes to teeth, which means he could have his first two break through next month (she was 5 months and he turns 4 months this weekend). Another thing that might happen in the next month, hopefully not sooner, is crawling! He's a mover and a shaker. He's already tucking his legs under is chest and trying to go. He's not up on his arms yet so more than likely he'll be army crawling. Holy cow, where's the gate! Boys are so different than girls!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Next year's a big one

Happy birthday to the best daddy and husband a family could ask for! Chet celebrated his 29th birthday on June 18th. He started by playing golf all afternoon with Uncle Caid, then Mommy and Daddy went on a much needed date. We went to see a movie then out for dinner and margaritas...mmm! We ended the evening with presents and ice cream cake. We love you Daddy!

Trying something new!

So this blogging thing is all new to me, but I thought why not? I love sharing my thoughts, I love sharing my pictures, I love sharing my thoughts about my pictures....perfect! Stay tuned...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reese family reunion

Reese and Cru attended their first family reunion. What fun! It was at a small bed and breakfast ranch in Smolan. It was great to see family we hadn't seen in a while and great to meet new family members. Reese is still too young to understand that her name was Mommy's maiden name, however the family loved hearing it being called out. Reese experienced her first Kozie burger (Daddy's first too), her first time feeding horses, her first BIG trampoline, and her first hay rack ride. Cru was in attendance, but still too young to enjoy all of this. Instead he enjoyed his bottles and being carried around all evening....he's got the life.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


What a joy it was watching Reese at Vacation Bible School. She was the youngest in her group so I volunteered to help (just in case she needed me or just in case I needed her). I thought my little girl would be quiet and shy and just sit back and watch the kids. Not at all! I loved watching her interact with her teachers and the other kids in her group. And the best part is now when we go to church, she runs over to her new friends, calls them by name, and they take off for the nursery. She's growing up :(

Of course, her favorite part was snack time, but she also loved crafts, dancing, and nursery time. She's been asking every day, "We go to bible school again?"

The church performance went pretty much as I thought....Reese did everything but sing and dance. She sat at the alter when all the other kids stood, she took off her shoes in the middle of the performance and brought them to me, you name it, she did it. What a great memory!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Splish splash!

I think summertime is officially here....school's out and temperatures are rising! Since Grandma and Grandpa's pool isn't officially opened we thought we'd blow up the froggy pool. Boy, is this summer going to be different from last summer! Reese is NOT afraid. As soon as I opened the back door, she ran out and jumped right in the water.