Saturday, June 28, 2014

Moms need breaks. Working moms, stay at home moms, we all need breaks.  Dads too, but this is about us moms :)

We all need time away to laugh, to vent, to share stories.

Time away to pee in peace.

Time away to get pampered and to have sore muscles deeply massaged after a 5:30am body pump class. #hurtssogood

Side  note - I haven't had a manicure since my wedding....nearly nine years ago!

Time away to sip on delicious cocktail(s).

This week, I took a break.

It's been planned for weeks but couldn't have come at a better time; rough parenting week.

Thank you to my mom and Chet for making it possible.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tomorrow's A New Day

Today, I feel like a failure.

As I sat at the front desk of the bank, the lady telling me to sign here, Chet needs to sign here, I kept hearing this background arguing, kids slapping, little flip flops slapping against the floor as little feet went running from one end of the bank to the other end MULTIPLE times, high-pitched laughter, which sounded more like screaming.....I literally wanted to crawl into a hole.

Or strangle them.


Kind of.

And the whole rest of the day was like that, even at Cru's tball game - our happy place.

I was definitely happy while watching our little guy and his teammates, it was the kids' behavior after the game.

Chet and I just looked at each other, speechless and wondering what the hell did we do wrong?

What did I do wrong?

At this point, I'm just thankful tomorrow's a new day.

Hopefully, I do better....

The Weekend

in a nutshell....

A new do!

He was way overdue for a cut, but he did not want one!  He likes it long, mainly for spiking and stylin' purposes.  I strongly dislike shag over the ears!  So we made a deal...mohawk.  Then I kind of made a deal with the barber....fauxhawk :)  We all win!

My Aunt Becky invited Reese to spend the day with her in Lindsborg.  Midsummer's Festival was going on, plus they went for Mexican food, pizza, and swimming!

Reese made her flower halo with REAL flowers!  It was gorgeous!  And when it dies, she's supposed to put it under her pillow and make a wish ♥

I spent so much time with my Aunt Becky growing up!  It's where my love for Grease was born as well as learning how to the very young age of 12...or maybe 10 ;)  I've shared many memories with Reese, so I'm pretty sure as she left that morning, she had it in her head she would learn to drive by the end of the day!  Give it time, Reesee!

While Reese was doing her thing in Lindsborg, the rest of us were enjoying the perfect sun-filled day by Grandma and Grandpa's pool!

Cru is doing a great job swimming in the deep end!  We aren't currently in swim lessons, so Chet has been working with him as much as possible.  He's fast, which makes him tire easily, which makes him quit after just a few down and backs.  But still doing great!

Everlee is pretty timid in the water just likes floating!  But something clicked while swimming with Aunt Cheyna!

We swam from 1:30 until 7:30!

And we went back for more on Sunday!

Evee is a jumping machine now!

Cru had soccer practice Sunday evening as a storm was rolling in....


Felt a little eerie out there!  We made it a half hour before coach called it.

Beautiful night for practice tonight though (Monday).  Also, a beautiful night for a softball game and a golf tournament!

Evee wanted "tall" socks like Reese (softball) and Cru (soccer), but "not boy ones!"

All that makes this mama feel how Everlee looks....

slightly crazy!  Just wish I were cuter ;)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Very early this morning, I attended my first body pump class at our local YMCA.  I'm nearing two years of fairly consistent running, however this is something I would have never imagined myself doing.  Entering into uncharted fitness territory...heck no!

I am so thankful for that little push I got from a friend.  I honestly thought of every excuse not to go.  None of them valid; all out of fear.  Really what the hell did I have to lose??? 

Besides sleep?!


I honestly didn't sleep all night worrying about how I would fit in, would I get my ass kicked, would my stomach cooperate (it doesn't like early morning workouts). 

Yes, it was hard, but no pain, no gain, right?  It was a good hard.  I like that kind of stuff.  The instructor was fantastic!  She suggested what weights I should start with and asked me how I felt afterwards. 

I am a lightweight, but a) gotta start somewhere!  And b) I can only go up from here!


My goal is to continue attending and in turn, the new muscle strength will improve my running and possibly relieve some of the swelling in my knees.


Thank you, Chelsea!

The Birthday Boy

Chet turned 34 years young yesterday!

The kids helped him celebrate....

Relaxing ;)  Yeah right!

Reese's friend, Izabel, partied with us!

I'm guessing he could have thought of a bajillion other ways to celebrate!

At least he enjoyed his cake!

"Happy Birthday Hot Stuff"  Seemed appropriate :)  Complete with peppers made of frosting, of course.

When he came home from work, the kids greeted him with big hugs and happy birthdays....except for Everlee.  "We got you a hot cake!"

We love you, Daddy! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another night at the ball field....

It was a tad windy tonight....

Didn't slow down our first baseman!

Thatch making a play....

 The picture above....♥♥♥

I can't help but see my brother in so many of these shots.


Speaking of Asher....and Cru....

They were both basically playing short stop and still (for the most part) paying attention....

with just a little goofing around....

 Look, Cru...I can jump this high!

And I can jump this high!

Lets just jump together!

 How about I stick my butt out and you kick it!

Ok, enough jumping.  Maybe we should pay attention....

Oh, but first, look at my cup....

At this point, I was dying!  I hollered at Mindy and asked if Asher had a cup on because he was doing a lot of pelvic twisting and knocking on the gentiles. 


You can't make this stuff up, I swear!  She was not at home when Asher got ready for the game, so she said he very likely could be.  Well, big brother, Carter, confirmed he indeed was wearing one!  

And what made this whole story even funnier is we just had a cup discussion when I was getting Cru ready...

Me: (sarcastically) You got your cup ready???
Cru: Yeah!  Because I know I'm going to need lots of drinks tonight!
Me: DYING!!!!!  
Reese: She's talking about your weenie protector!!!

Good times are headed our way!


This is just the beginning.....I hope I always find the laughter, the memories, the pride, the friends, the giddiness that comes with watching our son play this sport.

That last slide hurt his bum...time for some sliding pants!