Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reese had her first machine pitch softball games tonight - a double header.


We are a baseball family.  Softball is different.  I was worried how it would go, but....


And she loves it!

Our whole team did awesome tonight!  I'm not just talking about their softball skills, but team skills too....helping each other get the catcher's gear on and off, showing teammates where to go on the field, cheering for their teammates.  It was so rewarding and exciting to watch!

She did not get a hit her first time up to bat....pretty much no one did.  First game jitters!  And the machine was a mess!  But the girls really came around by the second inning!  Reese got on base every time after that!

She played third base one inning....Grandpa said she needs to be there every time!  She fielded great!

She requested to play catcher in the second game.  I nearly passed out in shock....but was definitely proud!

Yes...I can coach and take pics :)  Duh!

I brought my big camera, but forgot a memory card, so all these are from my phone....blurry, grainy, but captured memories!

Hope the rest of our season is as fun as tonight!

So SO proud of you Reesee!!!

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