Monday, June 2, 2014

Same song different day but my goal really is to stay up on blogging.

So today....

Actually, let's preface with yesterday. My mom and I made a quick run to Wichita with Everlee (Chet took big kids swimming and golfing), and while we were there, we picked up Charlee, who is spending a few days here.

And got some quick snuggles with Miss Bonnie!

Charlee is staying with my parents, and last night, Evee stayed with them too. We had a thunderstorm roll through late in the evening, so grandma had both girls in her room on the floor scared of the thunder and lightening, and from what I heard, Evee was still awake at 11pm saying her butt hurt and Grandma needed "to put butt cream on it".

And meanwhile, back at our house, Cru was in our bed, Reese was on our floor, and Chet was on the couch :)

So this morning....Reese had her first day of basketball camp. Cru asked to go to Grandma's before the camp started, but I wasn't sure anyone would be up there yet, so I told him we'd drop Reese off then go to Grandma's. As I was walking out of the gym, I got to talking with another mom so Cru took off for the park across the street. This park has a couple spinning chairs that once you sit on them, gravity pretty much takes over and you literally just spin. Cru was HATING it and screaming for me to help him off, so I took off running across the street, but before I got over there he fell off. Sweaty, dizzy, NOT A HAPPY BOY!

We left right after that, and I could tell he wasn't well. We decided to go to McDonald's for a smoothie. As we sat in the drive thru, I had the AC blasting, windows down, and he was still not well; totally feel his pain! After he told me he felt sick, I knew what was coming....

As calm as a mother could be when she knows her child is moments away from blowing chunks IN THE CAR, I told him if he needed to throw up, do it out the window.

Guess he just needed my permission to puke because right after that he let it go!

Yes, in the McDonald's drive thru. 



Somehow we made it to my mom's without any more spewing, but man was he in bad shape.

I literally dumped him on my parent's drive way, grabbed the little girls (who were still in their jammies and looked rather homeless, still cute, of course), and headed back to watch Reese at camp. 

I worried the whole time I was away...maybe it wasn't motion sickness, maybe he had a concussion?   I just felt so guilty.

Thankfully, when I got back from camp, he was SO MUCH BETTER! He was running up and down the driveway, waving at me, and yelling that he didn't throw up again and was finally ready for his smoothie!

After that rough start, here's how the rest of the day went....

The kids swam from noon until 5!  It was overcast most of the day until around 3.  Water was still way too cold for this mama!

Charlee came home with us.  She requested an Elsa did Reese and Everlee ♥

Chet and I were both in need of a cocktail after my eventful, busy, FuN Monday and his typical day at the office, so off for margaritas we went with all kiddos in tow!

Then, it was back home for more play time!

So far this summer, our kids have been crawling into bed around 10pm or later every night.  Tonight, it was to bed early; I count 9:15 an early success!

Just like I count the rest of our day a success despite our crazy start!

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