Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reese lost her first tooth!

When you become a parent, you quickly realize how awesome it is witnessing your child’s accomplishments….first smile, rolling over, sitting up, first tooth....

Reese got her first tooth 1/31/07 and her second 2/1/07.

She already had a perfect smile, but somehow those toothies made it just a little more perfect…..

And then that smile takes on a whole other look of perfection....

Yesterday, Reese lost her first tooth!

It's been loose since 4th of July weekend, and I knew the day was coming when it would be time to pull it out. And to be honest, I was dreading it. I just pictured blood and drama.

But much to my surprise, there wasn't drama (and just a little blood)!

I knew Reese was in the bathroom, so I thought she was doing bathroom things. So imagine how shocked I was when she ran out and said, "Look what I have, Mom! I just pushed it out!"

We high fived and I told her how proud I was of her (in an excited screaming whisper since Everlee was asleep in my arms).

She was pumped, but then just carried on like it was no big deal.

Grandma Cheryl made her a very special tooth fairy pillow....

and when she woke up this morning, she was so excited to find dollars in exchange for her tooth! Four of them!

What a great memory! Makes me so thankful to be a parent.

Yes, she's growing up fast, but my mom reminded me that this milestone is part of our earthly journey and to cherish these moments to the fullest!

Way to go, Sis! We are so proud of you!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bib says it all

Everlee has been spitting up A TON since she started drinking from bottles. Which shouldn't surprise me since Reese and Cru were spitters as well.

Not so much with Cru, but with Reese, I pretty much had a bib around her neck at all times, especially when she started spitting up baby food. Yummy.....ack!

So this morning, after already spitting up several times (and I'm so sick of doing loads and loads of her laundry), it hit me....duh, why not wear a bib?!

But we don't just wear any bibs around here.....

My friend, Tiff, gave it to Everlee.

It's perfect....and so true!

Except today, she was hardly cooperating the way a "star" should....

Good thing I've got a couple of back up stars....

who seem to steal the show....or at least try.

I think I need a couple more of those bibs, Tiff!

Monday, July 25, 2011

VBS and then some

This started out as a post about Reese's week at Vacation Bible School, but has now turned into VBS and then some.....hope you can stick it out!

Reese spent every evening last week at church Bible schooling it up! She brought her friend, Lynzee, with each night, so that made things even more fun.

After they would attend "Mary's house" for the lesson, they would go to the "market" where they would give "schillings" in exchange for crafts.

Making soap

Digging for beautiful jewels to make necklaces

After time at the "market" they would head to games.

Musical chairs

Palm ball

Bean bag toss, which she was really good at!

Her friend, Cora, taking her turn.

Red rover

And finally, they would enjoy a delicious snack!

And to wrap up the VBS festivities, they kids sang in church Sunday morning.

Each year Reese seems to enjoy VBS more than the last. I'm thankful for that. And thankful for the great kids/families that also attend.

Reese and Cora after church

Reese and Cora VBS 2010

Crazy to think she's going to be 5 next month! Where has the time gone?

Here's a look at what else we did last week....

Too hot to bounce outside

Saturday, July 23, 2011

C'mon, lets take a tour

Everlee's nursery is probably my favorite of all three kids'. When I first started brainstorming, despite not knowing her gender, I knew I wanted giraffe print and orange to be the main scheme of the room. I also knew I wanted to reuse a lot of decor and baskets that Reese and Cru used, which added added a lot of green and turquoise to the color scheme. Once I finally found bedding that incorporated all those colors, I waited until she was born to add all the little finishing touches. So c'mon, lets take a look...

Here is the view from the hallway walking in.

Also from the hallway....

which looks a little different now (I put the "E" on the shelf and added some hooks for headbands).

Furniture placement was a challenge in this room because a) it's a small room and b) I'm no designer. So, at 9 months pregnant, I rearranged the furniture 6 times! I'm happy with how it turned out.

OK, back to the tour.

This is the wall to the left when you walk in.

My eyes look at that picture first thing every time I walk in her room.....LOVE IT!

The cubed bookshelves are pretty much a staple in all three kids' rooms. I like how they hold books, hide toys, and display decor all in one shelf.

Since taking these pictures, I've added a simple orange lamp to the shelf.

The orange and white polka dot book is her baby book.

I ordered it here, and I think it's absolutely perfect!

Here is the window wall....turquoise curtains are now up!

Her closet is opposite that wall. I use lots of baskets to keep things organized.

When putting Reese's nursery together, I got these shelves, which I painted white and now spray painted brown. I kinda liked the way they looked with some of the white showing thru.

The turquoise picture frame used to be red with turquoise polka dots, which I painted before Reese was born. It worked in Cru's room too and would have worked in Everlee's, but I wanted to add the Bible verse to it, so I decided to spray paint it a solid color. My dad decaled the verse for me.

The baskets on the changing table have also been around since before Reese was born and also used with Cru.

And I got the orange rug for Reese's nursery, which she continued to use until she moved to the basement. It works perfect in here!

We got the crib when I was pregnant with Reese. It was free! We've used it with each of the kids. I definitely appreciate hand-me-downs!

We've saved money by reusing practically everything with each child, but one thing I haven't reused is bedding.

I am in love with Everlee's bedding! It's all hand made and the colors are fantastic! I ordered it here.

Once I finally decided on the bedding, I got right on a project I was really excited about....

a ribbon mobile!

I was about half way through making it, and I ran out of ribbon. Chet suggested I wait until after the baby was born to finish it because in his words, "It's a little girly."

I waited and thank goodness I had a precious little girl so I could finish my "girly" project!

OK, there's just one more thing I'd like to share. While I was pregnant with Everlee, my bff was pregnant with her baby boy, Tyson. As part of her shower gift, I ordered Tyson some soft blocks with the letters of his name on them from this Etsy shop. I thought they turned out so cute, I knew our baby needed some!

The owner of the shop was so easy to work with. I told her the colors and patterns I was wanting, she sent me choices, I narrowed them down, and then let her do the rest. Love them!!!

Thank for touring Everlee's room! I love the room and I think it's perfect for her. I seem to fall more and more in love with it every time I walk in it....

just like I fall more and more in love with her every single day!

And let me just add, this precious little thing slept in her room for the first time last night. She woke up at 1:00 to eat, then went right back to sleep until 8:45! Can I get an AMEN!