Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Family Fun!

Our Friday didn't exactly get off to an ideal start....the girls both had to get shots. 4 each! Ouch! But they both handled it well.

We sure made up for the day's rough start and ended our day with family pool time!

All eyes on the big kids!

Then she got really excited and almost "swam" off the chair!

Daddy brought her in the water with all of them, but it's pretty hard to manage all three of them.

So Everlee's pool time was cut short....

and we just enjoyed watching and taking a few strolls around the neighborhood.

The kids had a blast!

Pool time is so much more fun with Daddy!

He seems to have a way of bringing out their inner dare devil.

For the record, Reese went off the diving board as well, but refused to do it when I was around.

All that swimming, splashing, and jumping.....

and lets not forget about all the smiling....

was the perfect way to end the day!

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