Monday, July 11, 2011

Random weekend recap

We said good-bye to Grammie and Papa as they headed out on their long road trip to North Carolina to visit Ty.

Our family is in charge of Grandma and Grandpa's house for the next 10 days. 10 years ago, I would have loved being left "in charge". However, it's a little bit different taking care of everything with three little ones tagging along. With that being said, the three little ones are loving "helping" feed Cooter, water the flowers, and bring in the mail because each day after the "chores" they get a special envelope that Grammie left for them....

with dollars inside!

Everlee's sweet giggle isn't heard often since her older siblings are rather LOUD, but give Reese a hula hoop and she gets loud too!

Daddy golfed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.....long days with the kiddos. Saturday evening, I got to join him for dinner!

Reese and I beat the heat with some pool time! She is making great strides with her swimming. So proud of her!

I had to run out to Walmart for one thing (I hate that). Since Chet was golfing, I had no choice but to take the kids with me. I threatened them pretty good before going in, which must have worked because we all survived the trip, and the rugrats left the store with new giant coloring books and sunglasses!

We spent Sunday evening celebrating Grandpa Rod and Uncle Caid's birthdays! Always a fun time and good food at the Buchman's!

How was your weekend?

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