Thursday, February 26, 2015

Everlee and Thatcher

If you ask Everlee if she has a boyfriend, you'll get one of two answers.

"Yes.  Thatcher.  He kissed me on the lips at the park."


"No.  Thatcher broke up with me.  He doesn't tell me I'm pretty, so I don't tell him he's handsome."


And that's really how they act with each other.

Love/hate.  At the age of four.

Honestly, I really could see these two getting married one day.

And while it's super cute, it's already so dramatic.  Not sure all of us could handle this kind of relationship FOREVER!

Back to my story, Thatcher is the youngest of three boys, and his parents have done a wonderful job of teaching them how to be gentleman and how to treat a lady.  And that birthdays are a big deal :)

Because Everlee turned four, Thatcher had four days of presents.

Day 1 - flowers and dance bra/top

Below....midnight....opening presents....still in her "browns" {she calls bras browns....and Cru calls them braums}.

Day 2 - homemade jewelry

Day 3 - fingernail polish and lip gloss

Oh Thatch....he came running up to the house and wasn't even in the door and he was ripping her present open!  He ripped the package of fingernail polish open and opened the bottle as fast as he could!  He was ready to get to work!  His mom was shocked!!!  And so scared green nail polish was going to fly everywhere.  He got to painting and insisted on using every color!  Everlee held up her painted nails and said, "I have no more fingers!"  So, he layered!  The commentary during this process was PRICELESS!  Should have videoed more!

After polish, he moved onto the lip gloss!

Day 4 - dance wrap top and leg warmers

You have set the bar high, little man!  No matter who he marries, I have a feeling she will be one lucky lady ♥

Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's Day

I feel like I'm all over the place with this, so pardon my choppy writing!

The week of Valentine's, our kids had a three day school week.

Thursday of that week, Auntie Casyn had a home {home as in Topeka} basketball game, and since the kids were out of school, Chet and I planned to take them.  {They don't usually go on school nights} Chet ended up working in KC that day, so he planned to meet us as Casyn's game, so I was on my own getting the kids and I there.  That kind of scared me.  But thankfully everyone did great!  

We left early enough to make a late lunch stop....

Abilene Burger King....gosh, I love Burger King. 

Thanks to full bellies and new movies, the rest of the trip went pretty smooth.

**Note - Cru does not ride well.  He gets very impatient...."are we there yet" to the extreme minutes after just leaving our starting point.  Hence, the reason I was worried about taking them by myself.

But we made it! 

So, we rewarded ourselves with Target! 

Actually, Target was on the agenda.  Cru and Evee had gift cards burning a hold in their pocket!

**Another note - the Topeka Target SUCKS!  Big time!  I even googled where another Target was located because surely Topeka has two Targets.  They don't.  Saved me some money, that's for sure!

We made it to Casyn's gym early enough to sit in the parking lot and open EVERY toy the kids got.

New "phone", mermaid Barbie, two Power Rangers with motorcycles, and American Girl doll horse.  And they needed it all, of course.

Chet didn't get to the game until the second half, but thankful he made it in time to drive us all home ;)

The next day, Friday, kids were off school again.

Looks can be deceiving....

They sure look cute, but man, they were driving me absolutely BoNKerSSS!

I survived the day only because of the light at the end of the tunnel....a night away in Wichita with our friends!

We all ate together, then parted ways for a bit {women went to the movie, men went to the casino}, then we met back up at the casino.  We made the most of our time at the casino....finally, left the black jack table around 3:30.  Or after.  Does it really matter at that point!

Unfortunately, our night away didn't involve sleeping in.  Chet and I needed to get back to McPherson, so we could take off for Topeka again.

But before driving back, we did have enough time to make a quick Target run since this mama had NOTHING planned for the kids for Valentine's.  Our kids are really into Legos right now, so each of them got a new set.

And then we were off to Topeka!

Poor Doodle was so sleepy.....sleeping at Grandma's does that to her.

Fun half time entertainment!

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day....

or a better Valentine for our kids ♥♥♥ 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

School Valentine Parties

Here's a little recap of the kids' school Valentine's parties ♥


Each of them made {priceless} bouquets for their teachers!

Making candy sundaes for parents!


Cru and Reese's bouquets!  The differences between what they wanted to write to their teachers cracked me up!

Musical hearts...or something like that ;)  Cru took this game very serious!  He won, so his intensity paid off!

I think technically you're supposed to use chopsitcks, but I improvised with popsicle sticks and it seemed to work just fine!  This game was tough!  But they seemed to enjoy the challenge!


Her party was the only one of the three I had to bring treats too....

Flatter me and tell me they look like hearts ♥

Musical heart...she won like Cru!

Shooting "Cupid's arrows" {blowing Q tips out of straw} at the "heart" {plate}

Another challenging, intense game, but tons of fun!  Celebration for hitting the target was very much deserved! 

"Don't break my heart"

Admiring her loot ♥

Love the little two with the big of the things I love most about our school is the way older students embrace younger students!

As if it weren't obvious, February is a very busy month for us!  Not only is tax season in full swing, we have Ev's birthday, Valentine's, then Cru's birthday {plus everything else in between!}.  Whew! 

Incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to be part of their school activities!