Saturday, February 21, 2015

School Valentine Parties

Here's a little recap of the kids' school Valentine's parties ♥


Each of them made {priceless} bouquets for their teachers!

Making candy sundaes for parents!


Cru and Reese's bouquets!  The differences between what they wanted to write to their teachers cracked me up!

Musical hearts...or something like that ;)  Cru took this game very serious!  He won, so his intensity paid off!

I think technically you're supposed to use chopsitcks, but I improvised with popsicle sticks and it seemed to work just fine!  This game was tough!  But they seemed to enjoy the challenge!


Her party was the only one of the three I had to bring treats too....

Flatter me and tell me they look like hearts ♥

Musical heart...she won like Cru!

Shooting "Cupid's arrows" {blowing Q tips out of straw} at the "heart" {plate}

Another challenging, intense game, but tons of fun!  Celebration for hitting the target was very much deserved! 

"Don't break my heart"

Admiring her loot ♥

Love the little two with the big of the things I love most about our school is the way older students embrace younger students!

As if it weren't obvious, February is a very busy month for us!  Not only is tax season in full swing, we have Ev's birthday, Valentine's, then Cru's birthday {plus everything else in between!}.  Whew! 

Incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to be part of their school activities!

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