Thursday, February 19, 2015

Evee's Frozen Party

Surprise surprise on the party theme!

Somtimes you just gotta let it go....

It is her first real birthday party with real friends.

So, what the four year old wants, the four year old gets!

The positives....Pinterest had every detail imaginable!  And you know every little girl invited will love it just as much as the birthday girl!

The girls colored while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Next, we played some snowball games, which entailed prizes like lip gloss, fingernail polish, rings, and clip in colored braided hair...really, I think the party could have been over after that!

We followed that with fake snow!

Then presents and cake....sweet girls worked up an appetite!

A neighbor from our old hood made her cupcake cake.  Turned out super cute!  Everlee decided she wanted a tiara on 9:00pm the night before her party.  So off I went to Walmart.  They only had Anna, but she still wanted it!

I stumbled upon mostly everything for the party at Target in the dollar bins.  These cups were a must!

After the girls loaded up on sugar, it was time for photo booth, freeze dance, and karaoke!

Kamryn, Lleyton, Addileah, Mayson, Everlee, Charlee, and Kenna ♥  Such good girls...with a little sass ;)  All in Reese's class except for cousin Charlee and Kenna.

Karaoke....literally every girl BELTING "Let it goooooo, let it goooooo" a million times over!  It was seriously so dang cute!  Every girl wanted a turn with the mic.  Most were pretty shy and took their singing VERY seriously, but most definitely were not passing up their turn!

Thank you to my parents and Aunt Cheyna for attending the party.  She sure loves having you all there!

While I may have cringed at the thought of a Frozen party, I know it made our sweet girl so happy and that's ALL that matters!

^^^This makes my heart burst^^^

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