Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Our baby.....

How can she be four???

Her and I started the day with donuts.  Duh!

After breakfast, we made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up a few extra party supplies for the weekend.

Didn't notice all the bras when I took this pic!  Definitely not that kind of party ;)

"Pleeeeeeease???  It's my birrrrfffffday!!!!!"

Ok, fine.

And now she's obsessed with mermaids.

We picked Cru up from school and needed to run a couple more errands, but first a stop to see Grandma at her school!

Birthday outfit number two^^^

We had a normal afternoon at home, except her presents were tormenting her :)  The day before, her teacher snuck her a present in the school pick up line, so I finally caved and let her open it....

Just when she thought she couldn't love Miss Becky any more...pom poms and a Frozen blanket....jackpot!  Just when Chet and I thought we couldn't love Miss Becky any more...truly one of a kind.

We had a surprise planned for that evening that was actually geared towards Cru, but that didn't Evee!  She's had the best go-with-the-flow attitude since day one! 

Time for MoNstEr TrUckSSSSS!!!!!

I'll be honest, it was not what I expected.  Trucks were.  People weren't. 


And I had no idea it's a real competition.  Trucks/drivers are judged and receive points, which are compiled show after show for an entire season.

Another thing I didn't realize was how loud it would actually be!  Wowzers!  Thank goodness my dad brought several extra pair of ear plugs!

The kids ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!  Reese requested we go every year on Ev's birthday.  And they had every truck memorized by the end of the show!

Our sweet Evee.....you sure are special.  And beautiful.  And a lover.  And sassy.  And a "pretty" dancer.  And way more fashionable than anyone I know.  Hope you felt the love on your day....hope you feel our love every day.  Happy 4th, Doodle Bug ♥

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