Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunny flowers

Our family takes lots of walks up and down our street, and recently, Reese has discovered all the wild flowers growing in the empty lots. And the wild flowers have discovered Reese's hair, our living room, Reese's bed, and probably numerous other places that I haven't discovered yet. Sun flowers are growing like crazy behind our fence, and the other night I also spotted a couple in the empty lot beside us.

Reese thought these were way better than purple wild flowers.

She calls them "sunny" flowers

There's no place like home

Tickle, tickle

Yesterday, we were on a walk around the neighborhood, and Reese came upon someone's rose bush, and man did she think those were pretty flowers! The only problem with picking wild flowers, she immediately wanted to pick some roses.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last month we made another trip to Beloit to see our favorite photographer for Cru's 6 month pictures. We took family ones during this session as well. I know it seems totally ridiculous that we drive an hour and a half for pictures (at least Chet thinks so), but when the prints literally take your breath away, it's totally worth it.
Favorites of Cru
Favorites of Reese
Favorites of the family
And it really doesn't get any better than this

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy 7 months, Bubba!

Reese and I spent all day in Salina doing girl things (aka shopping) so this post is coming late in the day, actually more like late in the evening. And truth be told, I almost forgot.

It just baffles me that another month has come and gone. Seems like the older Cru gets, the faster the months go by :(

I can't even explain how much joy he brings to our house. He just melts your heart.

He sits by himself, but it doesn't last long because he prefers to stand. He stiffens his legs and arches his back until you stand him up.

He's still just rolling everywhere, and lately has become very fast at it. What am I going to do when he starts crawling???

His two top teeth are so close to popping through. His gums are pure white, but I can't feel anything yet.

Just in the past couple days he has started devouring his baby food. He loves veggies!

He loves Puffs (and Reese loves feeding them to him). I think he'd rather just have regular food because when you are trying to eat or drink something while holding him all you hear is this smacking; he's like a little birdie waiting for you to feed him. It's the funniest thing.

He likes to drink out of his sippy cup, but gets very frustrated with it.

He hasn't officially said any words yet, but he makes "Du" "Mmm" "Bu" "Sss" sounds. He still does a lot of loud squealing (good and bad squeals).

He is such a Mama's boy. You'd think after being with me all day, he'd need/want a break ( I know I do). Anyone can be holding him, and if he sees me, he says, "Mmm, Mmm" and kicks his legs, then smiles at them like ha ha after I take him back. It's so frustrating, but then I remind myself that before too long, Mama won't be so cool.

He's just all boy.

And an ever so handsome one.

Mommy, Daddy and Sissy love you SO much!

Friday, September 25, 2009


A member of the Marasco family (our dear family friends) passed away this past week. I want to keep this short because frankly it makes my heart ache to write about it, but he was too good of a man not to say a little something. My family's friendship with the Marascos began and grew because of baseball, so most of my memories of Pops were at baseball games starting from the time Ty and Matt were 12 years old up until just a couple years ago when they were teammates at Emporia State. My first memory of Pops (I can picture it perfectly) was watching him bring his wife to a baseball game (I know all of you who know what I'm talking about are getting a little chuckle right now). Now, when I think of Pops, I think of the sweetest man who greeted you with a smile and a kiss (no matter if you were a boy or a girl). Good ol' Pops. He was everybodys Pops. The Marasco family, my family, and many other families were blessed with the most caring, compassionate, kind-hearted, love-your-family-with-all-your-heart man. We love you Pops. We will miss you and never forget you. I have a feeling "It's not the same without Pops" is going to be said a lot. The whole Marasco family, you are in our prayers. Thanks for sharing your Pops with my family and many other families.

Pops with my mom at our wedding

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Game time

Tonight was Cheyna's third home game in a row. Reese is lovin' the games, and we love that Cheyna plays only a couple right turns away.

Reese was so excited to see Uncle Caid!

Notice the trend with Cru's tongue? He's been doing that for a few weeks now, it's like he just now discovered his bottom teeth even though they've been there for months.

Keep up the good work, Cheyna!

My ballerina....or my photographer?

I snapped a few shots of Reese before we headed to dance class today because she looked ever so cute and sassy. As you've probably noticed in other pictures, she never looks at the camera! Drives us all insane! I'm so sick of yelling telling her to smile at the camera, so I've started saying things like, "Smile at my nose. Don't you dare smile at my camera."
It worked....I am in love with this picture.
Reese requested taking a picture with "big sister" baby.
Then she asked if she could take a picture of her "big sister" baby. She's never asked to take pictures, but Cru was napping and we had some time to kill so I thought why not? cropping, she centered it all by herself.
Then she wanted to take one of "Dolly."
Then she wanted to take one of me holding her babies...remember this is all her
She wanted to take one more of me with her babies. When she held up the camera she said, "Smile at the camera. Look at the camera! Look up my nose. See my nose?" as she moves the camera down from her face to show me her nose hence the chopping off my head.
Still, I think she did a great job. I just hope she doesn't think she's going to do this all the time....yeah right. Maybe this was her way of telling me that the reason she doesn't look at the camera is because she'd rather be the one taking the pictures.

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happenings from the rest of the week

Before this gorgeous weather turns cold, we are taking full advantage with several trips to the park.

Yes, Reese has finally discovered that slides are fun!

Cru is a huge fan of sitting in the rocks.

Notice the paci in his's for his own protection. He tries to stuff handfuls of rocks down his throat.

Cru still isn't a huge fan of baby food, but every day gets better.

No exaggeration, this is what it's like every night. I've said it before, and I'll say it again (and probably again and again), he is nothing like his sister.

Cru also got shots this week :( He did great though. Even the nurse kept saying how well he handled them. Little does he know, he'll be getting another one next week when he gets his flu shot. Sorry buddy. After his shots, he took a good long nap on my lap (there's nothing better), and Reese was supposed to be napping too. She came out of her room once, and I loudly whispered, "Get back in your room!" She listened, however, 15 minutest later, her door opens again. I hear shuffling in the bathroom. Lately, she's been getting up during nap time to go poop all by herself (too bad she can't wipe herself yet). Anyways, this is just bad timing because Cru was deep in sleep, and I did not want to disturb him to go wipe her. So I just sat there waiting to hear, "Mom, I'm done." But no, I soon hear water running. What in the world is she doing??? This is not going to be good. So an hour later when Cru finally wakes up (I told you he was out)
Me: Reese, what are you doing?
Reese: Washing my hands.
She's been washing her hands for an hour?!
Me: Reese, get out here now!
Reese: Whoa! The floor is slick.
Oh, this can't be good.
I put Cru down and peek in the bathroom dreading what I'm going to find....puddles and puddles of water. Not just on the floor, water is everywhere! Wait, what's that?
Me: Reese, what's on the toilet?
Reese: My toothpaste.
And I keep discovering.....just like the water, it wasn't just on the toilet. Globs of toothpaste are in cups and all over the sink, basically everywhere but on her tooth brush. This child! The best part, she was washing her hands because she did in fact go poop, however remember, she can't wipe herself, so she was washing her hands for an hour with a naked dirty butt!

To end the crazy week, today I went to the Hillsboro arts and crafts fair with my mom. As we left, I told my mom how thankful I was to have a little girl (yes, the same little girl who covered her bathroom in toothpaste and water). Because when you have a little girl you get to accessorize (1 hat, 2 flower clips and 5 bows)!

Wonder what next week will bring?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


As I was putting Cru's laundry away the other day, I felt something calling out at me, "Wear me, wear me, I'm so cute!" It was Cru's steal-of-a-deal brand new Nikes for $5.99 from my favorite second hand store! How in the world could I have forgotten about these?

Probably because babies, especially little boys, don't wear shoes. For one, they don't stay on and two, why bother they are carried or pushed everywhere anyways? Do these ever so cute sneakers even still fit my little man? The curiosity got the best of me.

Yes! They fit and boy were they a hit!

Although, not quite the hit I was looking for

Another reason why babies don't wear shoes....they become chew toys! Fashion show over!

And while we're on the subject of kicks, Aunt Cheyna made her home debut on the Mac College soccer team as a starter!

Reese had her game face on

Don't' worry buddy, I don't understand this sport either.

As long as it's outside, he doesn't care what sport he's watching.

Reese couldn't believe the concession stand didn't have any popcorn!

Despite the machine being broken, she did finally get her popcorn thanks to an employee who microwaved his own.

Cheyna's biggest cheerleader....Reese literally yelled at Cheyna the whole game, "Kick the ball! Run! Follow it through! Good job Cheyna! Go Cheyna!"

Cru was proud of his auntie too

And just for my own kicks, Cru finally sported his kicks. He took a nap, bounced on my lap, and kicked his legs to the music all while keeping them on the entire game.

Who says babies don't/can't wear shoes?