Thursday, October 25, 2012

For Sale

Just sharing with those of you who don't know yet....

our house is for sale!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Life is Short

Life is short.

I know, so cliche to say.

But so true....

Our days here are numbered, and we may think we have it all planned out, but we really don't.  And lately, I've received a few reminders that someone else is in control.

Our friends, the Eilrich's, had big plans when they found out they were pregnant with their third baby, Kooper....

Sadly, God had different plans....

A couple weeks ago we celebrated one year of Kooper being in heaven.

His three and a half hour life here on earth was way too short, yet so powerful and changed us all forever.

Like I said, life is short....

too short to waste it living in hate or guilt or shame or spite.

Too short to be self centered.

Be happy, trust in the Lord, be with the ones you love, rejoice, and be thankful!

Now get to livin' because....say it with is short!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Walter's 2012....lots of pictures, little words

One of my favorite things about having a family is making traditions.

This was our third year visiting Walter's Pumpkin Patch.  Each year the pumpkin patch stays the same (which is amazing!), but the fun our kids have together just gets better and better.

We were happy to have Grammie and Papa join us this year....but sad that Uncle Ty had a change in practice time and couldn't make it.

Beautiful day all around!

Thank you, Charlee and Audrey, for the great memories!  And for the yummy supper!  We love you all!!!