Monday, September 16, 2013

First Day

I guess you could say the kids' first day of school didn't quite go as planned.....

Let me back track a little first.

Reese's school always has an annual back to school bbq the Sunday before school is scheduled to start.  This year, school was scheduled to start Wednesday, August 14th....early, I know :(  Well, Monday night, Cru got sick.  He didn't begin throwing up until 8:00am Tuesday morning, but I assure you, the sickness began in the middle of the night....yuck!  He did not stop throwing up until 4:00pm.  No exaggeration!  Around mid-morning that day, I had heard from another parent that Cru wasn't the only child sick.  And by the afternoon, I heard of several more families that were sick, not just kids.

What in the world???

I ran to Walmart that evening (still Tuesday), and I ran into a child of a teacher from the kids' school, and she told me her mom had just gotten sick, and she was the third teacher (the school only has like 8 teachers). 

Ok, now it was all getting a little weird.

I notified Cru's teacher that evening that he wouldn't be there on the first day, and she said he wasn't the only one.  All I kept thinking was food poisoning - the damn hot dogs.  But it just wasn't adding up because he was the only one in our family that was sick, and we all had eaten the hot dogs.  And I was hearing that kids who didn't eat the hot dogs were getting sick.

My phone rang at 6:00am Wednesday, and it was the school canceling the first day.  Come to find out there were about 80 kids, parents, and teachers that were sick.

Final diagnosis after testing water and stools and answering a survey was Norovirus - a stomach bug.

So, lets try this again.  First day was now scheduled for Thursday.  Kids picked out their clothes, bathed, and were tucked into bed early.

And then Cru gets sick again.

He seems to be one that has a super sensitive tummy, so if he pushes it before he's 100%, he usually takes two steps back.  Awesome.

So thankful the girls didn't get it!

And finally, Reese's first day....

Our sweet Reesee is a first grader!  How in the world did that happen?!

We love her so incredibly much!  She's already given us so much to be proud of.

And the good thing about blogging about this a month after it happened is that I can report that Reese is LOVING first grade!  Loves her teacher, loves her friends, does not fuss one bit getting up each morning, never puts up a fight doing her homework each afternoon after school, loves being there all day, and LOVES school lunch (most days!)!!!  

Makes us happy!

Toms also make me happy :)

And then Friday it was the little man's turn....

He's in pre-k this year....same school, same teacher, three days a week.  14 kids in his class, 11 are boys....boys just like him :)

If anyone can handle it, Ms. Becky can!

He is loving it as well!  His only complaint has been Ms. Becky doesn't let him make things anymore :)  Meaning less crafts, more learning.  I feel like sitting and concentrating and learning are going to be a struggle for Cru, so I think this year will be a good transition before Kindergarten.  And soon, his class will start attending mass....lets start praying now!  I think this mama may have to make a few appearances to witness 11 ornery boys looking angelic with folded hands sitting through mass!

So far, I think it's safe to say our year is off to a great start!  I can only pray it stays that way!

Evee's zoned!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

 - Albert Einstein


Lets just hope being a fashionista diva and a Monster High dog tag wearing stud aren't!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Because I don't want to forget the little things

Our boy, is he one of a kind! 

I want to document a few things about him right now so I don't mom and my mother in law keep asking me if I'm writing these things down....finally, I can say yes!  Sad I haven't done this sooner because you really do forget.

He has a routine each morning of using a squirt of Chet's cologne and then heavily coating his armpits with deodorant.  And once he's finished, he always asks how he smells, which includes me having to actually smell him.  So, this is how it went yesterday.
Cru: How do I smell, Mom?
Me: Taking a BIG whiff.....Ohhhhh, you're so fresh!
Cru: No, I'm delicious!

The other day at lunch, he was telling me about his music teacher expecting a baby.  Here's how that conversation went.
Cru: My music teacher is going to have a baby (He used her name (I was surprised he knew it, he's not the best with names!  Also, he REALLY likes to over enunciate his words...with drama.  So now read it again with that in mind :)).
Me: Reese told me she's in the hospital?!
Cru: No, she's still at school.
Me: Oh, did you see her today then?
Cru: Yes....and her baby is still in her tummy.
Cru:  And her tummy is out to hear (arms sticking out).
Cru: And HER BOOBS!!

Chet and I were speechless.  We just looked at each other trying our hardest not to bust a gut laughing!

The kid knows no stranger.  And if you initiate conversation, you better have some time to spare because he will tell you anything you did or didn't want to know.  With Evee repeating everything he says.

He's really into details right now.  Every night before going to be he has to know every single thing that is planned for the next day.  Or if we are going to Walmart, he has to know exactly how many items we are getting (and will keep count).  And then, even when he knows the answers, he asks the same question a hundred gazillion times!  You think I'm exaggerating....come on over!

His new thing at school is inviting his friends over EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I had one mom text me that her son was packing for the slumber party at Cru's house, which included girls that had to stay in a different room because they talk too much!  This is all planning unbeknownst to me!  Or Chet.  He had our neighbor in tears the other night at soccer practice because he invited him over for supper without us knowing.  Guess I should man up and have some of those ornery four year olds over :///

This is who he is at this stage in his life....and I love every part of it.  He keeps us laughing....and yelling :)  And life would be so boring without him!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

T Ball

At a very young age, I remember my Grandpa Reese spending hours playing ball with my brother.  And now, it brings me absolute joy watching my dad spend hours playing ball with Cru.  Since Cru could first hold a bat, my dad taught him to hit left handed (he throws right), and said, "That's how you're going to pay for college."

After two long summers of watching big sister, it was finally little man's turn!

Because despite playing nearly every day at home, it doesn't mean a thing to him unless he has a real team and a real field.

He was in his element!

Don't let my words fool you though, there were still distractions....dirt, his fan club, girls.....

He's all boy, what do you expect?!

Where Reese ran from the ball, Cru chased it everywhere!  And if he was the first one to it, he'd just look at his teammates and smile like nana-nana-boo-boo look what I got!  He asked after every game how many balls he caught.

Later in the season, he became slightly obsessed with sliding....


Probably because he was rocking some pretty awesome baseball pants.....a couple $.99 eBay finds that happened to be about two sizes too big that Mommy found months before the season started.  Didn't matter.  That's what a belt is for...


I'll quit with the words now and just share a few more highlights of the season....


Reese playing with the boys :)

It was so much fun watching you, buddy!  Can't wait for next summer!

And one last thing for my own notes....Cru is playing soccer this fall, and when I was getting him ready for his first practice, he said, "But what about baseball?"

Atta boy!