Friday, September 6, 2013

Because I don't want to forget the little things

Our boy, is he one of a kind! 

I want to document a few things about him right now so I don't mom and my mother in law keep asking me if I'm writing these things down....finally, I can say yes!  Sad I haven't done this sooner because you really do forget.

He has a routine each morning of using a squirt of Chet's cologne and then heavily coating his armpits with deodorant.  And once he's finished, he always asks how he smells, which includes me having to actually smell him.  So, this is how it went yesterday.
Cru: How do I smell, Mom?
Me: Taking a BIG whiff.....Ohhhhh, you're so fresh!
Cru: No, I'm delicious!

The other day at lunch, he was telling me about his music teacher expecting a baby.  Here's how that conversation went.
Cru: My music teacher is going to have a baby (He used her name (I was surprised he knew it, he's not the best with names!  Also, he REALLY likes to over enunciate his words...with drama.  So now read it again with that in mind :)).
Me: Reese told me she's in the hospital?!
Cru: No, she's still at school.
Me: Oh, did you see her today then?
Cru: Yes....and her baby is still in her tummy.
Cru:  And her tummy is out to hear (arms sticking out).
Cru: And HER BOOBS!!

Chet and I were speechless.  We just looked at each other trying our hardest not to bust a gut laughing!

The kid knows no stranger.  And if you initiate conversation, you better have some time to spare because he will tell you anything you did or didn't want to know.  With Evee repeating everything he says.

He's really into details right now.  Every night before going to be he has to know every single thing that is planned for the next day.  Or if we are going to Walmart, he has to know exactly how many items we are getting (and will keep count).  And then, even when he knows the answers, he asks the same question a hundred gazillion times!  You think I'm exaggerating....come on over!

His new thing at school is inviting his friends over EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I had one mom text me that her son was packing for the slumber party at Cru's house, which included girls that had to stay in a different room because they talk too much!  This is all planning unbeknownst to me!  Or Chet.  He had our neighbor in tears the other night at soccer practice because he invited him over for supper without us knowing.  Guess I should man up and have some of those ornery four year olds over :///

This is who he is at this stage in his life....and I love every part of it.  He keeps us laughing....and yelling :)  And life would be so boring without him!

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