Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yesterday was FULL....visiting our favorite credit union, delivering a heart felt gift to a special friend, picnicing, exploring, playing, no napping, swimming, and tee balling!


Full of fun,

full of orneriness,

full of life,

full of smiles,

full of appreciation,

full of dirtiness,

full of sunshine,

full of love,

full of joy,

full of memories!

Yesterday was FULL!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tee Ball Week 4 Highlights

Week 4 of tee ball brought games 4 and 5.

Tuesday's game started like this.....

Always paying attention to what's going on off the field though....

Thank goodness she was pitcher the next time out on the field.

Thursday's game was fun for Reese because her friend, Reanna, was on the other team.

Reanna was trying to figure out who the crazy lady behind the camera was!

Reese did work hard.....

But what's a tee ball game without a little playing in the dirt....

And a little interaction with some of her #1 fans.....

This week is her last game. I have a feeling Daddy will be more upset his coaching season has come to an end.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lots of park time!

We've had a little break from the heat this week. The mornings have been especially nice so we've been taking lots of walks and making lots of trips to the park.

Grandma Linda was on her way to Walmart, so she stopped and pushed Evee around while the other two played.

This pretty much entertained him the whole time.

Lindsborg has a great park so we spent one morning there.

Good times! We'll definitely be going back there! And I have to admit, it is a whole lot easier going on these outings now that Everlee drinks bottles; not everything is planned around her nursing.

The weather is supposed to heat back up again, so maybe next week we'll substitute pool time for park time!