Saturday, June 11, 2011

This is where it all begins

This week will mark week three of tee ball, which means the "season" is half over.....and I have yet to blog about it. I'm so behind with EVERYTHING!

Anyways, onto the fun stuff....

Week 1:

Our family was pumped for Reese's first tee ball game, including Reese. When the game started, her team was up to bat first, the only problem, she refused to hit. Everyone kept encouraging her, "You can do it, Reese! We can't wait to watch you hit! It'll be so fun!"

But none of it worked. I finally walked to the other side of the field because I was angry and told her she was going home if she didn't want to play. And my dad got mad at me.

But while Reese was throwing her fit (or maybe it was more me throwing the fit), little man was in heaven!

It soon became torture though since he couldn't actually play on the field, so we did everything we could to distract him.

When all of Reese's teammates were finished batting, they headed out to the field. She played short stop, which was perfect because she got to socialize with her friends from the other team at second base.

Then a friend who wasn't playing came to watch, which Reese noticed right away, and proceeded to yell and wave, "Hey Lynzee! Lynzee, Lynzee!" from the field!

By this point, I'm beginning to wonder if signing her up was really a good idea?

But I think all that socializing calmed her nerves because once it was her turn to bat again, all anxiety was out the door.

She was so good about addressing and thanking her cheerleaders!

There may not have been much concentration going on the rest of the game....(In fact, Chet had to finally tell one girl that the birds poop in the dirt to get her to stop playing in it! Ha!)

but at least it was drama free!

Week 2:

Lets just say she was pumped! She was playing against her friend, Mallorie.

Still acknowledging her fans!

She started out at pitcher and LOVED it! She loves when the ball is hit to her. She doesn't exactly know what to do with it, but at least it's some action. She actually threw a fit in practice and threw her glove on the ground because no one was hitting any balls to her.

Of course, there was some twirling in the dirt going on....

and lots of drinking because drinking water out of a bottle is so much cooler than drinking out of anything else.....

but she also put forth a lot of effort and had tons of fun!

Thankfully, Cru didn't throw a fit this time when he couldn't play. I think it was his new helmet.....

as well as having his grandpas, grandmas, and dirt to keep him busy.

This is where it all begins with organized sports. I love it! Maybe Reese won't be into sports (although I hope she is!), but it has all started with her, and I will never ever forget it!

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