Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You Know How I Feel About Puddles

So, it's been raining here.  Like a lot!  And it's cool.  Like long sleeves cool.

But I'm definitely not complaining....except maybe a little because spending our last weeks of summer cooped up in the house was not on the agenda!

You can be sure though, if we've had a break from the rain, we've been outside....you know how I feel about puddling jumping.....

Coy doesn't like storms....I had to lock her on the back deck because despite escaping once (and thankfully getting caught!), she repeatedly tried to squeeze through the gate and would get stuck.

By the end of our puddling jumping session, I was feeling better about the gloomy day.  Thunder was rumbling and skies were darkening yet again, but positivity was present....

And then big brother decided little sister needed a hair cut and all positivity blew away in the storm....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kid Pics

Sometime back in June, I came across some amazing (perhaps amazingly expensive as well) outfits for my girls.  Sorry, Chet :/  They were red, white, and blue, so I thought perfect for the 4th, yet something they could continue to wear throughout the summer.  Then, I talked myself out of "needing" them. 

Until I needed them again.

I tried, Chet. 

I was so in love with the outfits once I received them!  So in love I decided I needed some pictures.
As always, I had the vision in my head...open field, sunset....however, I knew better than to think I could actually capture something remotely close to that, so I asked my friend, Mindy, to help.....

and I'm so happy I did!  Everlee was a total ham, Cru was stubborn, and Reese kept smiling like she was in pain.  Or constipated.  I probably would have lost it in the first two minutes we were there!

But I have to remember, that's just them. 

Mindy captured some great images.

And I did some editing just for fun :)

Absolutely LOVE this first one!!!

And my favorite...

Doesn't get much better!  Except plastered BIG somewhere on my wall!

All of these were taken in Lindsborg on my uncles' land (two different locations).

Oh, and as far as wearing them on the 4th....they refused.  Awesome.

Again, sorry, Chet.....  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well Checks

Online baby book right here!

And I am thankful for it!

I honestly cannot remember the last time any of us have been to the doctor.....and that's a good thing!  But unfortunately, that streak ended a couple weeks ago when I had several appointments unexpectedly come up and the kids had their well checks (5 months late for Cru and Evee, nearly 2 months early for Reese :)).

I scheduled them all on separate days.  Dumb?  No, smart Mommy! 

First up, Cru.  I'll be honest, I picked him to go first thinking I wanted to get the worst over first.  And as long as I'm being completely honest, I indeed did guarantee him a reward of his choice if he was a brave, big boy.

And that he was!

I was shocked, proud, and praising the Lord!

His stats:
weight - 39 pounds (75%)
height - 42 1/2 inches (97%)

He had to have his finger poked for lab work, which turned into two pokes, and he never once flinched or screamed.  And healthy results!

His treat of choice - chocolate donuts!  And when he returned home with donuts (that he did not have to share), Everlee begged for days to go to the doctor so she could get donuts.

She had to wait a while because Reese's appointment was next.

Despite her acting nervous, I had no worries; I knew she'd be a big girl.  But she did receive the same bribe reward - any treat of her choice if she behaved.

Her stats:
weight - 52 pounds (90%)
height - 47 1/2 inches (97%)

Our girl is healthy and strong!

She had her finger poked as well, along with a urine sample, which did show trace amounts of blood in her urine.  Her kidneys appear to be functioning normal, but our doctor did put a call into Children's Mercy.  Their advice was to test again in three months; we did all we needed to at this point.

Her treat of choice - a Hershey's chocolate bar!

Finally, it was Evee's turn.

She probably has the most lively personality of all of our kids.  Sings, dances, talks, smiles, laughs, and just a smidge of drama....except when she's at the doctor's office.  She did not look at one single person and never said a word.  This girl talks like an adult....and talks and talks, and I could not get her to utter a word.  And our doctor is even our neighbor, not a stranger!

Her stats:
weight - 27 pounds (50%)
height - 37 inches (97%)

Guess what?  She had her finger poked too.  What can I say....our doctor is thorough.  She cried....I almost did too :(  Everything came back normal.

Despite her not showing off any of her skills, like counting to 15 or singing her ABC's (yes, she can sing the whole alphabet!), and nearly two hours in the office, she definitely earned her treat!

Man, had she been looking forward to those donuts!

I felt like mom of the year after all these appointments, like I was finally caught up on things.  Then, I realized school is one month away and we still need vaccinations and visits to the dentist and eye doctor!  Whew, nothing like meeting our deductible in one month!

Thankful for healthy, HAPPY kiddos ♥

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, America

Or maybe I should say 'merica....did you see all those social network hashtags - #merica? I don't get it??

Anyways, back to our 4th....

I couldn't think of a better way to start my day than running a 5k with my friends. It was a gorgeous, almost chilly morning for a run. And the carb reload afterwards (that's what we called it :)) wasn't bad either!

Proudly admit we think more about our attire than running....that's what makes it fun!

After the race, I hurried home, barely had enough time to change out of my sweaty shirt before Chet and I took the kids to the movies.

The local theater offers $3 movies once a week during the summer, so we've been taking advantage!

We came home long enough to grab a quick lunch, then Chet headed to the golf course with Reese and Cru. The kids have spent a lot of time at the course this summer; they love it!  They played 13 holes that afternoon! Thank you, Daddy!  Evee and I cooked and napped during that time :)

As fast as they came in the door, we were running back out it to Uncle Jeff's pond for a fun evening of family and fireworks!

The picture above is Cru with my Aunt Becky....the kids love her.  Like really, really LOVE her!

Love this next shot of Charlee and Ty....he used to do the same thing with his tongue when concentrating...

Our kids had no fear when it came to fire....

So happy I caught Reese in her moment of taking pictures....

Oh the little girls....

Cru and Christian...quite the duo!

Cru, Evee, Charlee, Casen, Christian, and Reese ♥

Tradition...like lighting a stack of dollar bills on fire!

We decided to hurry back to Mac for the fireworks show at the park....huge disappointment...in my opinion! Next time, we will enjoy our family's private show at the pond!

We wrapped up our night with a little show from our neighbors....

Awesome day of celebrating AMERICA'S birthday!!