Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kid Pics

Sometime back in June, I came across some amazing (perhaps amazingly expensive as well) outfits for my girls.  Sorry, Chet :/  They were red, white, and blue, so I thought perfect for the 4th, yet something they could continue to wear throughout the summer.  Then, I talked myself out of "needing" them. 

Until I needed them again.

I tried, Chet. 

I was so in love with the outfits once I received them!  So in love I decided I needed some pictures.
As always, I had the vision in my field, sunset....however, I knew better than to think I could actually capture something remotely close to that, so I asked my friend, Mindy, to help.....

and I'm so happy I did!  Everlee was a total ham, Cru was stubborn, and Reese kept smiling like she was in pain.  Or constipated.  I probably would have lost it in the first two minutes we were there!

But I have to remember, that's just them. 

Mindy captured some great images.

And I did some editing just for fun :)

Absolutely LOVE this first one!!!

And my favorite...

Doesn't get much better!  Except plastered BIG somewhere on my wall!

All of these were taken in Lindsborg on my uncles' land (two different locations).

Oh, and as far as wearing them on the 4th....they refused.  Awesome.

Again, sorry, Chet.....  

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