Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrating 100 Years

All School's Day...it's awesome when you're a kid!

It's even more awesome when you have kids! Especially a kindergartener.

This All School's Day celebrated 100 years.  100 YEARS!!!  Crazy!

So, it was pretty exciting to think we had a kindergartener riding on a float at the 100th parade!  But that also meant, her float better be something special.

Let me backtrack for a second.....last year, we helped construct Reese's school float, and after having a fun experience (and winning grand prize :)), Chet and I along with our friends, Chris and Mindy, decided to be the chair people of this year's float.

It's a lot of work heading up a float, but, honestly, it was so much fun!  We did our best to make our construction days organized, fun, and worthwhile....here's a hint - provide booze!  And yummy food!  And be ready to give people orders....they'll appreciate being told what to do.

It was definitely a team effort.  Our school is blessed with some amazing families.  I know Chet and I and Chris and Mindy were so thankful for those that donated their time, talents, and treasures....that's what our school is about, after all.

Enough talking....enjoy all my pictures!

Oh yeah, and no, we didn't win grand prize, but we built a dang good float!  It rightfully won best use of color....you'll see why.

One more thing, the theme we had to work with was Celebrating 100 Years.  From that, we knew a lot of other float themes would be based on the past, so we chose to look into the future, which is where "Oh the Places You'll Go" came from.  From that we began incorporating different Dr. Seuss books/characters, and finally, we (as in Mindy) narrowed it down to "A Celebration of Imagination".

Ok, now I'm done talking :)

Chet and Chris were up bright and early to move the float from the warehouse we built it in to Main St.  I guess you could say it pretty much fell apart during that trip, but they worked their tails off to put it all back together.

Canton-Galva (grand prize winner)





St. Joseph's

Sonshine Preschool....very cool float!

Past May Fete Queens....hey, Mindy!

Hospira....unexpected, but very neat.

Catching candy

Before the parade, we quizzed the kids as to why the horses are always last....Reese knew the correct answer ;)

After the parade, we hit up all the family fun spots in town, except for the carnival....not sure how many more years we'll be able to avoid that place.

I couldn't think of a better way to end our great day!

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