Thursday, July 4, 2013

Time with Charlee Mae

In May, we invited Miss Charlee to spend some time with us.  I can't even describe how excited the kids were!  We picked her up Friday morning so she could attend Reese's field day with us.  Despite it being a scorcher that afternoon, the kids loved watching Reese and playing at her school.

Once field day was over, we played....and played....and played some more!



Bedtime couldn't get here fast enough for this mama....I was pooped!

But my heart was full ♥

We really don't live that far from my brother and his family, but at times, it feels like they are forever away.  We treasure our time with them.

Before Charlee left (and after she threw up :)), she wanted her hair fixed like Reese's....

These two share such a sweet bond.
My mom kept Charlee a few days just this past week.  The kids were up to no good within minutes of being together!

Grandma and Grandpa's pool is getting a new liner, we made do with what we had...

Good thing Uncle Ty surprised the kids with new water toys....

When it was time for Charlee to go back to El Dorado, we decided it would be more fun to meet up with Ty and Audrey and all spend some time together.  The guys golfed and the women took the kids to Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

If you haven't been, I highly recommend!  Such a great place to take kids!  You get jipped on the token to pieces of food ration, but that's minor to how much fun they had!


We spent the rest of the evening at Ty and Audrey's in El Dorado....thanks for hosting us guys!!

I sure wish the videos I took of the day's events would play right on here :(  Cru and Reese loved playing ball with Ty, and the two little girls laughed and played....when they weren't fighting :)

And to end this post, a picture of Charlee's Uncle Chet....he loves her and she loves him, and I don't think she'll think any differently of him even when he wears women's sunglass....

We love you, Charlee!  Until next time....

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