Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You Know How I Feel About Puddles

So, it's been raining here.  Like a lot!  And it's cool.  Like long sleeves cool.

But I'm definitely not complaining....except maybe a little because spending our last weeks of summer cooped up in the house was not on the agenda!

You can be sure though, if we've had a break from the rain, we've been outside....you know how I feel about puddling jumping.....

Coy doesn't like storms....I had to lock her on the back deck because despite escaping once (and thankfully getting caught!), she repeatedly tried to squeeze through the gate and would get stuck.

By the end of our puddling jumping session, I was feeling better about the gloomy day.  Thunder was rumbling and skies were darkening yet again, but positivity was present....

And then big brother decided little sister needed a hair cut and all positivity blew away in the storm....

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