Thursday, April 16, 2009

After tax season trip to the zoo

Chet and I decided to start a family tradition - an after tax season trip to the zoo! We started it last year, and it was awesome. This year was great as well, but we had another addition tagging along with us (Cru was 6 weeks when we went). With him being so little, we weren't sure we wanted to make the trip all the way to Wichita, so we decided to go to Salina to the Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge. It was perfect! Not huge and not a lot of people. Reese ran from animal to animal, Daddy was stuck carrying Cru the whole time, and Mommy took all sorts of pictures :) This is becoming one of our favorite family traditions.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our baby boy

In the pictures, he looks like an angel. However, he was hardly an angel during his session. Stephanie spent 3 1/2 hours taking pictures of Cru only to get the best ones in the last 10 minutes. We actually had him strapped back in his carseat and she asked us to take him out so she could get the shots she wanted the whole time....the sleepy shots. He's definitely my high maintenance little man.