Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving and More

Our bellies are full, our hearts are full, our bodies are still in a food coma yet still craving more rolls {or maybe that's just me!}, and we've filled our house with Christmas's a recap!

LOVE her Indian name!  I asked her if she thought of her name, and she said that Miss Becky did ♥

 We gave my parents a little send off the night before they left for Hawaii...yes, you read that right, HAWAII!!!  Last year, while at a dinner and auction for our hospital, there was a $1 raffle to win a trip to Hawaii or $5.000 travel voucher.  My parents bought $70 worth of tickets.  Chet and I bought over $100, I think.  When it came time to draw a winner, no one claimed the ticket! So, they drew another one....I remember seeing my dad nudge my mom {they were sitting at a table beside us} and one of their ticket numbers had been called!  So happy for them!  But we sure miss them and hated that we didn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving with them.

Guess what movie we saw?!!!

The last time we were at the movies, Ev begged for cotton candy.  I wouldn't buy any, but promised her some the next time we went...

 That cotton candy was da bomb!

The kids have been out of school all week.....

 We had no plans, which is a nice change for us!

Tuesday, we made a quick run to Salina.  I had been there Sunday, but literally turned around and drove home as soon as I got there because I didn't feel well. 

We had a Santa sighting while checking out at Old Navy!  He left the kids speechless as he walked by and waved through the window.  Reese couldn't believe her eyes and said, "That was amazing!"  I was actually surprised by her reaction.  I'm sure it's not too much longer before she figures it all out.  Then, later, Cru said, "You know, that wasn't the real Santa?!"


We've had a talk before about how Santa has "helpers" but on the way home, we talked more about believing and believing in the magic of Christmas and believing what's in our hearts...why do kids have to grow up?

 It's truly magical witnessing the magic of the holidays through their eyes!

A year ago on Thanksgiving night Cru lost his first tooth.  He's only lost two.  He has three loose ones.  One is really loose.  Reese has a loose tooth as well {I think she's lost like ten teeth now??}.  Anyways, they decided to make it a competition who would lose their tooth first.  Well, on Wednesday, I was in the basement painting a hand-me-down entertainment center, and I hear Cru yell for me from upstairs.  It wasn't a loud scream, but I could definitely tell something was wrong.  He walked down the steps holding his tooth....I was so excited for him until I realized it wasn't the loose one he was hoping to lose!

The result of trying to pull Legos apart with your teeth.

Since my parents are in Hawaii and Chet's parents are in Florida, we invited my brother's family and Chet's siblings to spend Thanksgiving at our house.

Boy, it was fun!  And somewhat of a struggle for Chet and I who are not chefs.

I had all week to buy groceries, but of course, put it off until the day before.


Chet went for "his" essentials Tuesday night.  The next day he told me he bought champagne and whipped cream.

And a couple pumpkin pies.

Not sure what kind of Thanksgiving he was hoping for ;)

So, while he and Ty fished Wednesday afternoon, the kids and I tackled Dillons AND Walmart.

Shoot me!

And checked on Coot!

 Our last stop was Montana Mike's. We ordered four dozen rolls.

Cracked me up seeing them bellied up :)  I was so ready for a cocktail!  The manager brought us each a hot, fresh roll while we waited...that tasted better than any drink could have!

You bet I poured myself one when I got home though!

Chet put the turkey on the smoker at 5:30am.

Our his first time.

No, I did not wake up to help or take photo.  It's from last weekend when we he smoked his first chicken.

We didn't end up eating until 3:00, but it was totally worth the wait!

You did good, babe!!!

So much to be thankful for...

The weather definitely changed yesterday, but I'm even thankful for that!  It kept me from venturing out to Black Friday shop {way better shopping online!}, and although it ruined plans with friends, it was perfect for staying inside all day today...

Well, some of us stayed in all day...


Oh, and guess who's back???

Damn, elf.

Such a love/hate relationship.

But still, BRING ON CHRISTMAS :))))

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Pics

A blog in the middle of the day??  Say what?!!

Ev has been sick....never have I felt so exhausted from holding hair back and watching Netflix all day.

So, today, although she's much better, we are still taking it easy...and I want to rip my eyeballs out!  I feel like I'm already in my depressing winter rut.


We are definitely getting some fresh air this afternoon before I loose my mind!

Speaking of fresh air, this fall has been beautiful!  Temperatures have been warm/mild and we have taken full advantage!

I did not schedule any professional pictures this fall.  Kind of kicking myself about it now, but decided to hold out for some snowy winter ones.  We shall see!

So, in the mean time, I've snapped a few on my own just to have of the kids with the amazing rainbow of fall colors that surrounds us!

Same cool kids, same weird mamarazzi, just a different day...

Reese - Can we make a silly face yet?
Me - Sure, go for it!

We drive down north Walnut St. multiple times a day, and there's one block where the tops of the trees lean together like the top of a bridge, and I've dreamed of taking pictures there just felt like I couldn't do the beauty justice.

Finally, we just went for it...

I know, they all look the same.

And I know, I obsess over taking pictures, but YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH PICTURES PEOPLE!!!  Our kids are at the age where their looks haven't changed a whole lot, but as cliche as it sounds, time just goes too fast.  I just don't want to miss anything! 

Thank you {Braum's...had to be Braum's!} ice cream and baby did the trick!