Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hmm, seems to be a reoccurring title....

Probably a reoccurring first line too.

Lets get caught up!

Reese's bedroom makeover....

Not really planned.  Imagine that!  Will post more on that soon!

When I finished Reese's room, I thought it best to work on our playroom...

I had been closing the door to this room since June!  I didn't even know where to begin!  So I just went for it!  The kids have done a good job keeping it picked up...only because it's been nice enough to still be outside!

Oh Jinx....

He was half way inside...I may or may not have had a slight panic attack!

Oh look, there he is again!

Damn, cat! Seriously, Jinx!

Speaking of animals...

No, not those animals ;)

I took some pics of the kids...shocker!  Before pictures, I bribed them...another shocker!  Ice cream {before dinner!} and a trip to see baby bunnies!

The kids LOVED the bunnies, but Everlee was really upset that she left without petting one.  Not my fault, she was scared.  So, we may or may not have went back the next day when the bigs were in school....

She went crazy! So happy! Made my heart explode!

Leaves, leaves, leaves!!!

Yes, pretty!  But so annoying!  Honestly though, I'll take the leaves, heck I'll even rake, if that means no winter!!!

Jumping on the trampoline sans pants sounds way better than snow!

We had a cold front move through last week.  Evee thought it called for hot chocolate...

After her first sip, "It burns my boobs!"

The duck fart shot I took last week made me feel the same way!

We were feelin' fancy...

Thanks to Aunt Cheyna, we were able to travel to KC to my cousin's wedding sans kids.  Hence the duck farts ;)

Our kids had been counting down the days, literally!  All three woke up Friday {all at different times} and the first thing each of them said had something to do with staying with Cheyna...THEY COULD NOT WAIT!!!  They may or may not have thought they were spending the weekend at Cheyna's house {aka Grandma Cheryl's!} not Cheyna coming to our house!  Haha!

But their persistence paid off and they got to spend some time beenie baby-ing it up at Grandma Cheryl's!

Chet and I just smiled real big when Cheyna sent this pic ♥♥♥

We sure miss our family in Florida!

Excuse me while I continue to jump from one thing to another!

Our buddy, Beckett, had his tonsils out, so we did our best to make him feel special!

Cartwheels and jumping jacks...us Buchman girls love Target!

But first...

Reese helped make dinner the other night!

She would help every night if I didn't already have help from the crockpot ;)

I love that family time is a priority for Chet when he's home in the evenings!

Plus, it gives me a chance to sit on my butt!

Or watch KU basketball...my kind of family time!

She's cute....

And talented...

Whistling while doing gymnastics!

Doesn't get it from me!

Speaking of talent, or rather lack there of, I can no longer continue this randomness!

Thanks for listening :)

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