Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Find the positive

Yesterday, I was negative, negative Nancy! I was angry, disappointed, frustrated, and sooo out of patience. But after saying my prayers last night, I knew today would be better.

And it was!

And I think the week is only going to get better.....

Thanks to a couple wonderful friends, a cleaning lady is coming to clean my house tomorrow! They gave me this gift when Everlee was born....yes, nearly nine months ago! It's taken me that long just to get my house ready I've just been waiting for the right time.

Why now? This weekend is Everlee's baptism!!! So excited! So excited for her!

Tomorrow is also girl's night!!!

And soon, there will be fun Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating! We decided on the kids' costumes months ago, only to change our minds a couple weeks ago. That's the way we do things around here! Luckily, the costumes are pretty simple (and oh-so-cute!), and I've been able to make all three of them.

See, negativity gone!

At least, for the most part. It may return as I sit in the dentist's chair Thursday afternoon.

But sure to be gone Friday morning when Reese doesn't have school and Chet and I get to go to our very first parent teacher conference. Wow, seems weird saying that! But I'm excited!

It's hard not to let the negative take over. And what's even harder, is LETTING. IT. GO!

So, I challenge you, when that negativity comes a knockin', don't open that door! Find the positive. It's there. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daylight Donuts Day!

This morning, was the day.....Daylight Donuts opened! Well, I guess I should say re-opened, just in a different location, which happened to be Grandpa's old Dirt Cheap building.

So, I thought it would be a fun treat for the kids.....Reese's response, "What's a donut?" Huh? What? Then she said, "Oh yeah, those little round things!" I told her these donuts are going to be SO MUCH better than little chocolate donuts from the gas station that Daddy surprises her with on the weekends!

We bought enough to take to Grandpa and his workers.....oh yes, and we didn't forget about Sam (aka - Chimney).

Our picky eater, Cru, who loves sweets, loved the chocolate cake donut, but wanted nothing to do with a glazed one.

And Reese, well, it's no surprise that she LOVED them ALL! She begged for another, then another.

And in case you were wondering, lil' Evee, she was curious.....

Yes, I let her have some!

And she loved!

For Cru, the balloon was more of a treat.....

but nonetheless, it was still a fun way to start our morning.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pickin' pumpkins and more!

Last Sunday, we went pumpkin pickin' with my brother and his family. Walter's Pumpkin Patch is just outside of El Dorado, so it works out perfect for us to visit them and have some fun too! This is where we went last year just a month after Charlee Mae was born.

The men didn't come last year, but thought it would be fun this time.....boy, you should have seen their faces when we drove up and it was FLOODED with cars.

Audrey and I were a bit shocked as well, but we drove all that way, so there was no turning back!

As we waited in line.....

we made best use of our time :)

I think Charlee tried to eat a few rocks during that time as well!

We missed Everlee, but a big thank you to Grammie and Papa for watching her. She was fighting a nasty cough, and we didn't think her being outside all day in the wind would help it.....I think she was pretty good hands!

Last year, we didn't make it through everything and we were practically the only ones there. So, needless to say, we didn't even get to do all we did last year, but the kids still enjoyed it! I'll just let the pictures do the talking.....

Thank you, Walter's!

And thank you, Ty, Audrey, and Charlee, for a great afternoon!

We look forward to doing it again next year!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This week

This week, she had school pictures.

This week, she got another new tooth (top right....I knew it was coming).

This week, he, yet again, DID. ME. IN.

*Please pray for our friends, the Eilrich family, as they lay Kooper to rest tomorrow.