Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last Thursday, my mom and I along with the kids headed to El Dorado to meet Audrey and Charlee and take a trip to the pumpkin patch - Walters' Pumpkin Patch.

What a GREAT place for kids! And we didn't even experience it all.

One of the first things we came to was the giant jumping pillow. Reese wasn't too sure about it at first, but there was no holding Cru back. He can't really jump yet, as in feet actually off the ground, but he had just as good of a time running and sliding.

Reese finally made her way up on it.....

and I think she would have been happy there ALL


Oh sweet Charlee, it's going to be so fun when you can join in on the fun.

The kids also loved playing in the corn.

Kinda grossed me out thinking of all the germs infested on those kernels.

Oh well, they enjoyed it.

In that same barn area with the corn, we also did a little of this....

and a little of this.....

and talk about nasty germs.

Moving along....

to the corn maze.

The kids also went on quite the bike ride....go Grandma go!

No posin' Reese, just hang on!

And here they come!

After all Grandma's hard work, we found some their size - another thing my kids could have done all afternoon.

We strolled around a little further, then finally decided it was time to pick some pumpkins.

Checking on Charlee while waiting on the tractor ride to take us to the pumpkin patch.

Off we go!

How will we ever choose?

Well, we didn't. Both Reese and Cru screamed and threw fits the entire time we walked through the patch - the stems kept pricking Reese's hand and Cru kept tripping over the huge vines. I finally just gave up, grabbed a couple pumpkins, and jumped back on the wagon.

Once we were back, Cru was all smiles.....

and all about the pumpkins.

Oh yeah, and also all about the ladies.

What mom? She's cute.

Yes, it was a long day and I was completely exhausted by the end of it, but it was so much fun and the kids loved it. Thanks, Grammi, for taking all of us!

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