Monday, October 18, 2010

23 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 23 weeks....the weeks just seem to go faster and faster and it's not even holiday time yet.
Size of baby: About the size of a large mango - weighs just over a pound (in our case, probably more) and is more than 11 inches long.
Total weight gain: 15 pounds....hoping to get that under control this month.
Maternity clothes: I'm mainly wearing maternity pants, but still my regular shirts.
Gender: Every time I think, "Oh, it's a girl." Something changes, and I think, "No, it's gotta be a boy."
Movement: Lots of movement, especially at night.
Sleep: Sleeping well
Symptoms: Just my usual - overly tired and crazy dreams
What I miss: Nothing really
Cravings: Nothing
Best moment of the week: Time spent with family
What I'm looking forward to: For time to slow down, but I doubt that happens.

On a side note, little man, Cru, has been pacifier free for a day and a half. I am SO PROUD of him! He was getting way too attached to it. I decided it was best just to quit cold turkey instead of letting him have it at nap and bed time. He hasn't asked for it today, although going down for a nap was pretty rough. Keep it up, Bubba!

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