Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good morning

Cru and I haven't gotten off to a very good start this morning......

Yes, he's always whiny, always fussy, never content, never happy, but he literally hasn't stopped screaming and crying since we dropped Reese off at school, seriously. While eating his yogurt, he decided to chuck his spoon all the way across the kitchen, yogurt hitting everything in between his chair and the fridge. After a time out, he continued to scream while finishing his yogurt. I gave him some s'mores gold fish in an attempt to make him happy. He chucked all but the marshmallows. Then chucked his water cup. A couple times. I held him on my lap thinking he was just overly tired and needed some cuddle time. Uh, no. I turned up CMT really loud hoping to drowned him out hoping he'd want to bust a move. Reba brought a fist pump or two. We've still got it blasting. In an attempt to just ignore him, I worked on some laundry. I set a bowl of animal crackers on the table, chocolate ones. He swiped the bowl off the table against the wall. In hopes he'd just cry it out, I shut him in his room. Cry he did, but apparently didn't get it all out. I did get him to crack a smile while sitting on my lap, playing with my jacket zipper, and saying "boobie!" But then the zipper pissed him off. And now, well, he's chucking chocolate animal crackers and burp rags all over the living room. It's beyond me getting mad. I told him we're going to go see Papa, so now he's standing at the door whining, "Papa outside." Better go while I'm somewhat ahead.

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