Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday

Mid-week I was pretty bummed. Frustrated. Fed up. But I did my best to keep my half full attitude, kinda, and look, it's now Friday! A happy Friday!

What makes a happy Friday.....

The kids and their early morning monkey business.

My parents made it safely to Texas and from all the texts I've received, they are already having a fabulous time.

A movie date tonight with Chet, Sex and the City 2, and a giant bowl of ice cream!

Peanut butter cups with my very own Reese's peanut butter cup. Wait! Who am I kidding? Not just peanut butter cups, we've been enjoying all kinds of Halloween candy this afternoon.

The new Taylor Swift CD. I just love her!

Crumbs are still covering the floor and there are even more fingerprints on the doors than before, but I've got squeaky clean bathrooms and fresh clean sheets.

Although, mine and Chet's plans for the weekend aren't going to work out, my kids have big plans and they are going to have a blast! And seeing family will top it all off.

See, a happy Friday!

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