Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation update

I hate to say this because I really am having a good time, but this hardly seems like a vacation with a 5 month old. It's so hard for Cru to stay entertained and take naps when you're not at home. All I can say though is thank goodness Cheyna is with us. I don't know what I'd do without her! Reese is having so much fun with her, which helps when I have to take care of Cru.
If you've ever been to Vail, you know what it's like. At an elevation of 8,150 ft., it's absolutely gorgeous. You don't drive your car around, you walk everywhere; it's a little town all smashed together. It's not very kid-entertaining, at least not for toddlers. Which hasn't really been an issue because Reese is having the most fun just playing in the room.
Wrestling Reese says, "Lets rastle!"

Mountain goats

Beach ball hands....gotta keep up on the dance skills

Today, Reese, Cheyna and I spent the afternoon walking and (window) shopping....everything is SO expensive!
Statues for fun pictures

She needs one of these for her room

Hat fun!

I just told Cheyna I'd love to find Reese a birthday present....
Daddy's shoes make it all the better. Think I'll get it back??? I don't think so either.
We didn't forget about Cru. We thought Grandpa would be proud of his new ball. He's a natural.
The fam headed to dinner

Everyone was lovin' the mexican food
Just to show you Cru is here with us

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greetings from Vail!

Well, we made it. We backed out of the driveway at 4am and everyone was all smiles ready to go.

Our first stop was Goodland, then Denver, then Vail. 3 stops with one being our destination....better than expected. It wasn't until we were driving through Denver that we finally saw some mountains; it's very cloudy and rainy today.
Here are some shots I took during the hour and a half drive through them.

It's not the mountains without seeing a little bit of snow.

Our hotel is awesome - The Village at Vail. We sure are happy we upgraded to a one bedroom condo! As I'm typing, Reese is out-of-control in the bedroom while Cru and Chet are napping in the living room. Just like home!
The bedroom

The living room

The beautiful kitchen

Reese is making herself at home.

One of the bathrooms

Pictures of the outside to come's pouring!
We went exploring looking for the grocery store....

and we came back with ice cream! Gives us something to do tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're less than 5 hours away from hitting the road to Vail! The van is overflowing with stuff. We are all so excited, especially Reese. She's been super excited about seeing the mountains, but that's taken a back seat since Aunt Cheyna decided to go with us. Reese keeps saying, "I sleep in the back of the van with Cheyna!" Thank you Daddy for working so hard and giving us all these great opportunities. We love you!
Gotta finish up the last of the packing, get in the shower, and get to bed....alarms are going off at 2:45am!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Past weekend happenings and more

We've been busy! I knew July was going to fly, and this past weekend was no exception. We started Friday evening with dinner at Uncle Ty's future in-laws. Reese was so excited to spend the evening with Carter. We were so busy discussing bridal showers, Vegas, and babies that I didn't get any pictures of two of them :(

Saturday, I hosted a bridal shower for Audrey. It was a lot of fun, and best of all, Ty and Audrey received a lot of very nice gifts. Even though Audrey isn't officially part of our family, we consider her family and feel very blessed that Ty has found such a wonderful person to share his life with.
Reese had a little friend there, Ryder. She played so well with him. It made me excited for when Cru is able to interact more with her.

With only a few gifts left to open, Reese finally realized what the party was all about and wanted to help.

What's a shower without a game. The more questions you answer wrong, the more gum you have to chew. Audrey missed a lot of questions!

The happy couple

We still had room for more fun on Sunday so we made our first trip to the water park with Audrey, Chelsea, Carter, Becky (Carter's Grandma), Marla (Audrey's Aunt), Ethan (Marla's son). It took Reese a VERY LONG time to warm up. In fact, when everyone was ready to go, that's when she was ready to swim. Gives us a reason to go back now.
Lookin' cute and lookin' for hunks

Lets do this again, OK

Chelsea trying very hard to get Reese down the slide.

Not pacifiers, ringpops!

Supposed to be cheesin', but Carter's ringpop must have been a little sour.

After drying off and eating a ringpop, Reese was finally ready to go down the slide.

She went down twice, the second time sliding in the water and that was the end of that.

We were still going strong Monday morning when we met Mindy, (the other) Carter, and Asher at McDonald's for a play date. Who knew McDonald's was the social hot spot for toddlers. Reese had a lot of fun playing with Carter. Cru wore himself out squealing, smiling, and drooling. He fell asleep on the way home and slept in his car seat for a hour and a half! I had a great time visiting and watching the kids. Thanks for inviting us and thanks for the pictures!
How cute are they?!

Cru and Asher enjoying themselves

Until next time

Countdown to Colorado - 16.5 hours!

Monday, July 27, 2009

What I love...

...about our backyard.
The men!

The view

The frequent hang glider

The flying V

Have I mentioned the men?

You've always got a friend back there

And what I love most, playing in your underwear!