Friday, October 17, 2014

Earlier this week, I unpacked the final bag from our Florida trip.

We went in July.

Later that evening, once kids were in bed, I looked at all of our Florida pics....missing our family like crazy, missing the beach (not necessarily the sand though), missing our down time when we got to just enjoy each other (most of the time ;)), missing it all.

Makes me sad :(

Makes me want to blog about our trip....

But this is all you get right now.

Because I'm too busy with this...

Florida post coming.  Not even going to tease you and say soon.  But it's coming :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yesterday, little sis and I spent part of our morning at the kids' school supervising the extra recess that the kids earned for selling Oktoberfest tickets.

No surprise that Everlee LOVED playing with the big kids!

I also wasn't surprised to see Cru thoroughly enjoy being chased by the girls.  Their little voices kept hollering for him, then one in particular seemed to catch him quite often....and not let go.

We happen to run into this girl later in the evening, her parents too.  So I mentioned watching them at recess to the girl's mom, and she said she believes her daughter has her first crush on our little man.  She must talk about him frequently at home, even tells her mom that when she grows up, her son's name will be Max Buchman (insert wide-eyed emoji here).

I'm documenting this story because quite frankly, you just never know.  If they do get married some day, they will have this ♥

One thing's for sure though, that sweet little girl better watch out for this sassy pants....

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Reese's KC Birthday Celebration

We started the KC birthday tradition with Reese when she was five.  We all look forward to it every year!  This year, Evee joined the party!  Although I loved having her with us, I can't lie, she was a hassle.  We actually lost her in the American Girl doll store.  Finally, found the bathroom...pooping.  Scared me to death!

Here's the recap of our trip...

We arrived Saturday evening just in time for dinner....

Mine and Chet's (and my BFF's) favorite Mexican spot!

Followed by some evening shopping....our girl had gift cards burning a hole in her pocket!

Evee....always touching, hugging, kissing, and talking to manikins.

Normally, our trip is up and back all in one day, but since we didn't leave until after Reese's party, we decided to stay the night.  Chet found us a very nice, centrally located hotel that would have been fun to spend more time at, but our priorities were shopping :)  So, sleeping...that's really all we needed our hotel for.  However, even while sleeping, it provided us with plenty of entertainment....

Turns out someone was smoking in their room and because of that, every guest saw every guest in their jammies.

Sunday was spent spoiling our girl, chasing Evee, and stuffing our faces!

Daddy had cake waiting for the birthday girl when we got home ♥

8!  8!  8!  How is our sweet girl 8???  I'll never forget finding out I was pregnant with her...shock is about the only word that describes it.  But God knew exactly what he was doing.  She gave us a hefty scare before she even came into the world, and I'm reminded often how our lives could have been SO different.  I will be forever grateful our prayers were answered and she came into this world healthy!  She's such an awesome, good kid....also loving, smart, compassionate, beautiful, freckle-faced, and oh-so very, very special ♥

Love you, Reesee!

8 is great!