Saturday, January 26, 2013

Basketball Heaven

Remember when I shared that Chet, Ty, Audrey, and I received KU tickets from my parents for Christmas?  The game was two weeks after Christmas....thank goodness!  It would have been torture waiting any longer!  It was on a Sunday afternoon, and part of the deal was my parents were going to watch all the grandkids.  Reese had been counting down the days until Charlee would be here!  This was around the time Cru had been so sick, and actually, on this day, he had started throwing up some again, but my parents were still going to watch him and keep him quarantined from the girls.  Then, about ten minutes before we were planning to leave town, Ty and Audrey called to say that Charlee had started throwing up.

We weren't quite sure how it was all going to work out, but in the end, it did!  A big thanks to my parents for watching our kids even though Cru was sick, and a big thanks to Audrey's parents, who watched Charlee despite her being sick.  And although, I know Audrey felt bad about leaving Charlee when she was so sick, I have a feeling, she was thankful she did because we had so much fun!!!

We had a parking pass, so we literally parked and walked about 25 feet and then we were inside basketball heaven!

We enjoyed taking a little tour through the Hall of Fame area....such history.

Then, we found ourselves at one of the tunnels....

The guy working security in the tunnel told everyone they needed to clear the area because players would be coming through soon.  We decided we weren't leaving until the players ran through....major photo opp!  I texted my dad saying we looked like crazy tourists anxiously waiting with our phones and cameras ready to record this memory.

We waited and waited.  There weren't many people waiting so we had front row spots.

They finally roped off the they come!

Oh wait, it's the opposing team!

We are do dumb!  Haha!  Still made a memory!

We went to our seats....

Ty and Audrey were center court about two rows behind the second sign.

Chet and I were across the gym a little more in the corner about half way up.

Both of us couples enjoyed our seats.  We talked about switching at half, but I think my motion sickness would have gotten the best of me sitting in their seats, so we all stayed put.  I did come prepared though...I went to Walgreen's before we left town and bought those wrist bands you can wear to prevent motion sickness.  Dork, I know!  But heights make me very queasy.

We saw a fantastic game!!!

I haven't been to a game since college, so it felt like the first time again....I think that's how it feels every time you walk in that place....seriously amazing!

And we have the best fans!

The whole game was back and forth.  And the last nine minutes were crazy!  And so fun to watch live!  The elderly lady sitting next to me was even stomping her cane!

And the icing on the cake to our pull-it-out-of-our-butts-victory, McLemore's monster dunk!

Thank you so much, Mom and Dad!  A Christmas present we will never forget!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

S is for snow, but it really needs to be for spring!

We had snow much fun the first time the snow fell, it was only fitting we get out and enjoy it again!

I think they're ready!!!

And then this happened...

I can't imagine what all our new neighbors think of us!  Poor thing was freezing, so she sat inside the front door and watched us build a snowman....

And then she disappeared...

And then reappeared....naked!

"I poop."

Yes, she pooped in her diaper, then ditched the diaper.  A signature move.

They were proud and could care less that "Frosty" looked more like a pyramid.

He was a beautiful piece of yard art for the next couple weeks.  But I really was so happy when all that white stuff melted away.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Behind, behind, behind!  So, lets finally get caught up on Christmas!

I had a specific agenda for Christmas Eve day....wake up early, finish last minute shopping (I hate last minute shopping!), spend the afternoon with the kids while Chet fished with my brother, then follow tradition and spend the evening at my parent's celebrating with family.

Well, I did wake up early....and ran straight to the toilet!  And never left the bathroom until 4:00 in the afternoon.  It was horrible!

Thanks to Chet for finishing up the shopping (Cru and Evee in tow!), skipping out on fishing, wrapping presents, and staying away from me so I could be sick in peace.

And thanks to my parents and Ty and Audrey for helping with the kids and taking them to the Christmas Eve church service.

Special thanks to Uncle Ty for the sweet comb over....

When they all returned from church, Chet convinced me to join all of them at my parent's, and I'm so glad he did!  I hated the thought of missing out on watching the kiddos!

By the way, I apologize for the poor picture quality...I took them while lying on the couch doing my best to avoid any sudden movements to my queasy stomach.

Let's get this party started!!!

Grandma and Grandpa gave each of the kids new hats.....

Charlee thought her hat was a helmet and she immediately started swinging like she was up to bat!

 Each of them also got new boots.....


In the midst of all the chaos of the kids opening presents, the big kids had their turn.  My parents spoiled each one of us and topped it off with one last gift that started with Chet, then inside the box he opened was a gift to Audrey, then inside that box was a gift for me, and lastly, inside that one was the last box to my brother....

Wahoo!!!  Tickets for all four of us!!!  More on that soon!!!

We ended the evening like we always do....scratchin' lotto tickets.

And then getting ready for Santa...

And then "Santa" stayed up till 3:30am wrapping and putting presents together.

But boy, did the big guy deliver!

Kitchen for Evee, real tools for Cru, and American Girl doll clothes for Reese!

Mom and Dad delivered as well....

Cru is obsessed with Chet's deodorant, so I got him a little travel one in his stocking.  When he first opened it, he yelled, "SUNSCREEN!"  Then as soon as he put it down, someone else, who might be just a tad more obsessed than him, snatched it up as quickly as she could!  We seriously have to keep the deodorant up high and out of reach because Everlee will carry it around all day and cover herself and anything else in her path!

Once we finished up at home, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Buchman's!

SPOILED ROTTEN!!!  But we are so grateful!

Boxing gloves and snake skin boots...both dangerous and can do a lot of damage!  But necessities in our little man's eyes!

Snowball fight with Uncle Caid!  Have you seen these?  Sooo cool!  They have been thrown all over our house a gazillion times!  Finally had to pack them away with all the other Christmas stuff so we wouldn't loose them.  Oh but wait, first Cru had to pee in the bucket they came in, which Chet found in his room when he almost tripped over it!  Seriously?!  I thought we had a while before we had to worry about that kind of stuff!!!

Purse and undies...gotta have 'em!

Who cares if it's almost Valentine's....Merry Christmas!!

And while I'm on a roll, Happy New Year!!!