Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Santa in the Hood 2012

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tradition!  It gets better and better every year (as does Santa!).....and harder and harder to "disguise" from the big kids!  The week before, not knowing anything about our plans, Reanna asked me, "Are we getting together to decorate cookies and Santa bring us all a book?"


So, we switched it up a bit this year and told them we were getting together to make jingle bells then going caroling.

Everlee was scared to death....Asher to the rescue!

I think she's telling him she wants her two front teeth....


Although caroling was a fantastic idea, it wasn't so great on that night....I think that was our first cold day of December, and the kids were FREEZING!!!

Especially, my child whom I sent out with no socks!

Not gonna lie, makes me sad looking at these good times with our hood friends.  We love them all and miss them so much!

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