Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Celebrations with Family

We had only been in our new house a few days, and we had a very special visitor.....

Yes, the jolly ol' man showed up on our back porch one evening....imagine the shock on the kids' faces!  In fact, I believe "Santa" relayed the message that Reese's eyes were as big as saucers!  It was a short and sweet visit....he brought cupcakes and reminded the kids that it was only four more days until Christmas!  And then he was gone!  This thoughtful gesture absolutely  made our kids' night!  And most importantly, they were thrilled he knew where our new house was at!

Family celebrations began the weekend before Christmas.  First, with Chet's extended family in Alta Vista.

Fun day for everyone!

The next day we celebrated with my mom's extended family.

Why all the excitement.....

and why all the hiding?!

Another visit from yet another Santa!  Reese later told my Uncle Ron (who was dressed as Santa) that she knew he wasn't the real Santa because he wasn't fat enough!

I think Cru was trying to tell him something....maybe I hope you brought me a bigger shirt and jeans with no holes in them!

Santa also brought a gift for my cousin and her new husband....a gift the stork will deliver in July!

 Always a good time!

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