Friday, January 18, 2013

Behind, behind, behind!  So, lets finally get caught up on Christmas!

I had a specific agenda for Christmas Eve day....wake up early, finish last minute shopping (I hate last minute shopping!), spend the afternoon with the kids while Chet fished with my brother, then follow tradition and spend the evening at my parent's celebrating with family.

Well, I did wake up early....and ran straight to the toilet!  And never left the bathroom until 4:00 in the afternoon.  It was horrible!

Thanks to Chet for finishing up the shopping (Cru and Evee in tow!), skipping out on fishing, wrapping presents, and staying away from me so I could be sick in peace.

And thanks to my parents and Ty and Audrey for helping with the kids and taking them to the Christmas Eve church service.

Special thanks to Uncle Ty for the sweet comb over....

When they all returned from church, Chet convinced me to join all of them at my parent's, and I'm so glad he did!  I hated the thought of missing out on watching the kiddos!

By the way, I apologize for the poor picture quality...I took them while lying on the couch doing my best to avoid any sudden movements to my queasy stomach.

Let's get this party started!!!

Grandma and Grandpa gave each of the kids new hats.....

Charlee thought her hat was a helmet and she immediately started swinging like she was up to bat!

 Each of them also got new boots.....


In the midst of all the chaos of the kids opening presents, the big kids had their turn.  My parents spoiled each one of us and topped it off with one last gift that started with Chet, then inside the box he opened was a gift to Audrey, then inside that box was a gift for me, and lastly, inside that one was the last box to my brother....

Wahoo!!!  Tickets for all four of us!!!  More on that soon!!!

We ended the evening like we always do....scratchin' lotto tickets.

And then getting ready for Santa...

And then "Santa" stayed up till 3:30am wrapping and putting presents together.

But boy, did the big guy deliver!

Kitchen for Evee, real tools for Cru, and American Girl doll clothes for Reese!

Mom and Dad delivered as well....

Cru is obsessed with Chet's deodorant, so I got him a little travel one in his stocking.  When he first opened it, he yelled, "SUNSCREEN!"  Then as soon as he put it down, someone else, who might be just a tad more obsessed than him, snatched it up as quickly as she could!  We seriously have to keep the deodorant up high and out of reach because Everlee will carry it around all day and cover herself and anything else in her path!

Once we finished up at home, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Buchman's!

SPOILED ROTTEN!!!  But we are so grateful!

Boxing gloves and snake skin boots...both dangerous and can do a lot of damage!  But necessities in our little man's eyes!

Snowball fight with Uncle Caid!  Have you seen these?  Sooo cool!  They have been thrown all over our house a gazillion times!  Finally had to pack them away with all the other Christmas stuff so we wouldn't loose them.  Oh but wait, first Cru had to pee in the bucket they came in, which Chet found in his room when he almost tripped over it!  Seriously?!  I thought we had a while before we had to worry about that kind of stuff!!!

Purse and undies...gotta have 'em!

Who cares if it's almost Valentine's....Merry Christmas!!

And while I'm on a roll, Happy New Year!!!

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