Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas with Sam

Sam is no stranger to our family....or to this blog, so it's only fitting we have our own special Christmas celebration with him.  Sam informed me it would be the Friday before Christmas, and I was to bring donuts, in particular, a long john just for him.

Friday arrived, and it worked out perfectly because Reese was already out of school for Christmas break.  Daylight Donuts had slim pickins that day, thankfully, they had one long john left....that's really the only donut that mattered.

I also received strict instructions to be there at 10am, so needless to say, he was there and more than ready when we walked through the door.  He also came baring gifts that he was oh-so excited about....a special monkey for Evee that he had one of his supervisors save from the State Fair for her.  Sweet, huh?

Evee loved it!

We snarfed enjoyed donuts....

Then it was time for presents!  The kids framed pictures for Sam....

We also gave him a lovely pearl snap shirt and red, white, and blue beads....he loves it when we bring him bling!

Sam loves getting trinkets and things from my dad, but I think this time, my dad was more excited about the gift....

A real sheriff coat (gold buttons and all!) embroidered with his name and his security officer title!

He was on cloud nine!

Makes you feel good when you do good for other people.

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