Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year

So far, 2016 isn't off to the best start....I'm stuck at home with another sick child, hence writing this midday.

What is going on???

I hate winter!

I hate germs!

We are fortunate enough our kids are rarely sick.  Maybe a 24 hour stomach bug or cold here and there.  I feel blessed in that aspect because I don't do well with sickies.  I've gotten better, but I am not a comforter to someone who is puking.  Sets me into a panic until my own stomach churns like I'm next.

Thankfully, Everlee is not vomiting today.  Well, I take that back.  She did throw up a bunch of mucus this morning, but she doesn't have a tummy bug.  She woke in tears, cheeks bright red, you could definitely tell something was wrong.  I had to get the bigs ready for, how am I going to get them there with miss sickie?  {Another} thankfully!  My dad was able to take them!  Once they were out the door, Everlee settled in on the couch and I took her temp...102.  Yikes!  Wasn't expecting that!  She took some medicine and quickly fell asleep.  Woke about an hour later because she was hot and sweaty.  Her fever had dropped to 100.  Then, a few hours later, it was gone.  Then, it was back to 101.  She's been sleeping off and on all day and hasn't eaten, but hopefully, this morning was the worst.

She absolutely did not get sick from playing in the cold rain yesterday....

And now thankfully {I need to rename this post to "thankfully"}, I have my mom to pick up the bigs and get Reese to bootcamp.  Unfortunately, Evee has to miss her ice cream date with her favorite cheerleader/favorite gymnastics coach, Kellsie :(((  She's told me all day, "Ice cream with Kellsie will make me better.

Gosh, I'm rambling.

Anyways, the new year....what I had planned to write about.

We made plans with our at Farley's in Lindsborg, then hang out together. 

Reese getting sick ended up lasting way longer than we had thought so our friends were kind enough to push plans back a day; they did not want to leave Reese out {love them for that!}.

Saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016...together!  Just as it should be!

Soooo Everlee was a fan of the photo props.....

The kids had fun filling out these...

One person in our house passed out about 10:30....ahem, Chet.  The rest of us kicked midnight's butt!

New Year's Day was spent watching Making a words.

Then, hanging with our friends. 

Happy to be out of the house!!

At this point, Reese still wasn't really eating. She ordered a big ol' chicken fried steak...

and ate one bite.

We had good intentions of hanging afterwards, but the Buchmans were beat and the Schuckmans were still recovering from their trip to OK a few days prior, so we ended up just going to our own homes after supper. 

Kids were bummed, but we had spent he whole break staying up late and sleeping in...we needed an early bedtime.

This first week back to school has been rough....sooo sleepy!  But it feels good being in a routine again, and I am excited for ballgames to resume!

Is it spring yet???

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Recap

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I have a feeling this will be the first of a few recaps. Chet gave me a new laptop and all my pre-Christmas pictures are uploaded on my old one, so I'm working with what I have on my new laptop for now.

Tough problem to have ;)

Does it really get much better than Christmas time??? Reese shouted out while baking cookies, "I just LOVE this time of year!"

Our neighbors spoiled us one evening with dinner and Christmas movies!  So fun!

They also sent us home with a ton of Christmas crafts! Kids were in heaven!

The nights leading up to Christmas looked like this for me....

So much laundry {all the flippin time!}, clothes from my closet because the wrack ripped out of the wall {a sign I have too many??}, and SO MUCH wrapping paper!

PS - the black cube shelf is now gone...projects going on at the Buchman's!

My mom took the kids one afternoon during my hair appointment to deliver goodies to the Bingo players at the Cedars and sing Christmas carols to our pastor and a few others.

Christmas Eve was insane! Chet left early to go fishing with my brother....

They made a haul!

While they were fishing, I was scrambling finishing up last minute errands and making food for the evening.  I even had to make an unexpected very quick run to Newton {as in driving 90 miles per hour!} to pick up some last minute gifts before the store closed.  For the record, I did not have the kids with me.  I rolled in five minutes after the store had "closed" and interrupted their Christmas party, but I got my gifts, dang it!

Once Chet was home, I did some more running around....

Shopping for big sis.

We always spend Christmas Eve evening with my family....

Little man REFUSED to wear what I picked out...I did not fight him, but made a HAD to be fixed!  Combover....really?!


Tradition - Christmas jammies!  Wild woman, Bonnie, is a professional escape artist out of hers!

All my pictures of opening gifts on Christmas Eve are on my old laptop.

The kids went to bed around midnight....full of excitement, but fell right to sleep.

CHRISTmas morning was pure magic!

Santa and his Elf didn't get to bed until around 2am {earlier than expected!}, so I was worried I'd sleep in and miss their reactions, but thankfully, I was up about thirty minutes before anyone else woke.

So excited Reese gave him his own mechanical pencils since he's always stealing hers :)

So excited the littles gave her her own notecards to use for writing notes to her pen pal!

Boy Barbie she's "always wanted!"

His favorite gift...K-State pajama pants!  Yes, his mom bought them for him.  I must have been drunk!

The weather was ok Christmas day.  Pretty windy, but nice enough to test out the new scooters!

We ALL had fun riding them :))

There was the perfect chill in the air that called for hot chocolate after riding!

As much as Chet and I hoped to spend the afternoon napping, we Facetimed family and played with toys.  My parents brought over food from Christmas Eve.  Chet's sisters and boyfriend came back over and we all got our second wind!

We finally put the kids to bed, then the adults played Cards Against Humanity until the wee hours.  SO MUCH FUN!!!

And just like that, it was all over :(

I am so incredibly grateful for Reese, Cru, and Everlee for keeping the magic alive.  And most importantly, them knowing and acknowledging that Jesus is the reason for the season.

We missed our family that's far away, but thankful for the time we had with family that was near.  Cousin Charlee has been here all week and Grandma has graciously let each one of our kids spend the night every night she's been here.  Unfortunately, Reese has been super sick for several days....stir crazy doesn't even begin to describe it!

Hoping we're on our way to enjoying the rest of our break!