Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoo Day

With the holidays, busy season, and a new baby right around the corner, we decided to take advantage of some family time. Chet was able to take (most of) Wednesday off, so we decided to spend it at the zoo.

It was a perfect day to go - weather was beautiful and at times it literally felt like we were the only ones there with it being in the middle of the school week.

Reese had no interest in feeding the goats, but Chet thought Cru might enjoy it. However, the goats wouldn't even let him get the food out of the machine. He tried again and actually kinda shoved this white goat out of the way.....until the goat decided to ram him back. It was priceless, and needless to say, that was the end of that.

There were also some goats in the camel area, nicer, friendly, smaller ones, which Reese was really into.

And Cru totally thought they were dogs; he petted them just like he does Coy.

Moving onto Reese's favorite, the penguins.

Watch out, Daddy!

Never know who will join you for lunch.

The gorillas seemed to entertain the kids the most, despite them (Reese and Cru) being scared to death.

Reese was very intrigued by "Gloria" the hippo.

And last but not least, we visited the chimps and orangutans. Sad but true, this statue was more entertaining that the live ones.

Reese doesn't let us forget that at the end of the trip she gets to choose a souvenir. This time she chose "Gloria."

Thanks, Daddy, for a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last Friday night was the homecoming football game. Our Aunt Casyn was up for queen!

(For some reason I think these two look a lot alike in this picture. I don't know if it's the wavey hair or what.)

And Reese's pre-school buddies, Carter and Addi, were the little crown bearer and princess (or whatever you call them).

I just have to note, Reese loved seeing her Aunt Casyn and friends all dressed up, but it did cause a little bit of drama because she thought they all bought their pretty red dresses at the football game and she insisted she get one too. Maybe next game, Reese.

Anyways, our beautiful Aunt Casyn was crowned queen and we couldn't have been more proud.

Monday, September 27, 2010


(ACK! I made my picture black and white because I look AWFUL.....I know, it didn't really help, but let me just say, it's been a LONG day, and at 11:30 pm, it's not yet over.)

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 20 weeks! Which is 5 months! Which is HALF WAY!!! Now I don't feel as bad for my belly being so big.
Size of baby: Around 10 inches long
Total weight gain: 10 pounds
Maternity clothes: We've had a couple evenings where the weather was cool enough to wear jeans, so of course I put on my maternity ones. Not only are they comfortable, I can't button any of my regular ones (I made it through almost my entire pregnancy with Cru wearing my regular jeans....this is not good!).
Gender: Reese has said all along the baby is a girl, but now that Charlee has come along, she feels like she's her sister, so now she's telling everyone I'm having a boy.
Movement: I can tell our little babe is getting bigger because I'm feeling more and more movement. And I can actually feel and see them on the outside of my belly.
Sleep: Sleeping well, just wish my nights were longer.....lots of late nights ahead of me the next couple weeks :(
Symptoms: I had a break from all my crazy dreams for about a week, but they are back and in full force!
What I miss: COCKTAILS! I need one bad!
Cravings: Those sour watermelon things from the candy store....why can't you buy those at Wal Mart???
Best moment of the week: ??? Things have been too crazy lately.
What I'm looking forward to: The fund raiser I'm taking part in this weekend.

Past weekend stuff still coming!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Charlee's photoshoot

We had a lot going on this weekend and it all started with this little sweet niece, Miss Charlee Mae.

My sister in law was kind enough to let me take some pictures of Charlee while they were visiting this weekend.

This sweet thing was wide-eyed the entire photoshoot and an absolute perfect angel.

I had a very helpful assistant :)

She was even willing to step in and snap a few shots of her own.

OK, OK, I know enough is enough, but I just can't help it!

And probably my very favorite from the gazillion I took.....

Man, that was hard work.

Thanks again, Audrey, for letting me take pictures of your beauty. It meant a lot to me. I hope I can contain myself from putting these all over my house as if she were my own.

More from our weekend to come!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rainy days can't stop us.....

.....from having fun

.....from playing in the puddles bare foot

.....from going to Wal Mart 3 times

.....from visiting old co-workers

.....from taking Coy to the vet.....and picking her back up

.....sweet little boys from being ornery

.....sweet little boys from being sweet

Rainy days can't stop us!