Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoo Day

With the holidays, busy season, and a new baby right around the corner, we decided to take advantage of some family time. Chet was able to take (most of) Wednesday off, so we decided to spend it at the zoo.

It was a perfect day to go - weather was beautiful and at times it literally felt like we were the only ones there with it being in the middle of the school week.

Reese had no interest in feeding the goats, but Chet thought Cru might enjoy it. However, the goats wouldn't even let him get the food out of the machine. He tried again and actually kinda shoved this white goat out of the way.....until the goat decided to ram him back. It was priceless, and needless to say, that was the end of that.

There were also some goats in the camel area, nicer, friendly, smaller ones, which Reese was really into.

And Cru totally thought they were dogs; he petted them just like he does Coy.

Moving onto Reese's favorite, the penguins.

Watch out, Daddy!

Never know who will join you for lunch.

The gorillas seemed to entertain the kids the most, despite them (Reese and Cru) being scared to death.

Reese was very intrigued by "Gloria" the hippo.

And last but not least, we visited the chimps and orangutans. Sad but true, this statue was more entertaining that the live ones.

Reese doesn't let us forget that at the end of the trip she gets to choose a souvenir. This time she chose "Gloria."

Thanks, Daddy, for a wonderful day!

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