Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cru's big day

Cru's baptism was today, Mother's Day. What a special day for him. All of his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and great grandpartents were there to witness our church family accepting him as a new child of God. Reese preferred to sit quietly with "Donald." We thank Cru's god parents, Ty and Chancey, and we appreciate our family's love and love for Cru this weekend.

May Day

As Reese gets older, it's so awesome watching her have more fun at special events like at McPherson's annual All School's Day parade and festivities. She waved almost the entire parade this year. We didn't make it to the carnival to ride on any rides, however, we did manage to make it to the petting zoo and take a fun ride on a big ol' camel. Mommy wasn't planning on riding too, but the "driver" insisted. Oh how embarrassing, I mean fun. Reese was not scared at all, and I was scared to death someone I knew would see me. I'm sure glad I'm still somewhat young because later I unexpectedly ended up in the moonwalk with Reese. Good times I wouldn't trade for anything.