Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Half empty yet half full

It's been one of those weeks. You know, where you wake up and think, "It's only Wednesday!"

I am exhausted. Not just exhausted as in I-wish-I-had-an-extra-couple-hours-of-sleep exhausted, just exhausted with it all.

I go and I go and I go all day long because if I don't, I'll crash. But this week, I feel as if I'm being pushed beyond my limits.

I have zero patience with the kids. I mean zero. They fight, they hit, they yell, I yell. It's never ending.

When I get frustrated and fed up, I clean, and being pregnant and feeling like that, well, I'm a crazy woman. My floors are vacuumed and scrubbed (only to have crackers and markers and whatever else crumbled and dropped onto them minutes later), the living room blinds are Pine-Solly fresh, I used half a bottle of Windex on the front and back doors (only to be smudged with finger and nose prints minutes later), and everything is dusted.

But all I can think about is how the toilets are filthy, the sink is filled with dirty dishes, food is all over the counter tops, the back of my van is stuffed with crap from the storage shed, and nothing has been put back into the freshly painted toy room because there is paint on the floor.

But, deep breath, it is already Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Thursday, which means it's almost the weekend!

And this weekend is going to be a great weekend for my kids. They'll enjoy a neighborhood Halloween carnival, dressing up, and trick-or-treating. There will be lots of smiles, I'm sure. And then I'll realize how fast another week came and went.

And be thankful for all I've been given.

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