Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daylight Donuts Day!

This morning, was the day.....Daylight Donuts opened! Well, I guess I should say re-opened, just in a different location, which happened to be Grandpa's old Dirt Cheap building.

So, I thought it would be a fun treat for the kids.....Reese's response, "What's a donut?" Huh? What? Then she said, "Oh yeah, those little round things!" I told her these donuts are going to be SO MUCH better than little chocolate donuts from the gas station that Daddy surprises her with on the weekends!

We bought enough to take to Grandpa and his workers.....oh yes, and we didn't forget about Sam (aka - Chimney).

Our picky eater, Cru, who loves sweets, loved the chocolate cake donut, but wanted nothing to do with a glazed one.

And Reese, well, it's no surprise that she LOVED them ALL! She begged for another, then another.

And in case you were wondering, lil' Evee, she was curious.....

Yes, I let her have some!

And she loved!

For Cru, the balloon was more of a treat.....

but nonetheless, it was still a fun way to start our morning.

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