Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, America

Or maybe I should say 'merica....did you see all those social network hashtags - #merica? I don't get it??

Anyways, back to our 4th....

I couldn't think of a better way to start my day than running a 5k with my friends. It was a gorgeous, almost chilly morning for a run. And the carb reload afterwards (that's what we called it :)) wasn't bad either!

Proudly admit we think more about our attire than running....that's what makes it fun!

After the race, I hurried home, barely had enough time to change out of my sweaty shirt before Chet and I took the kids to the movies.

The local theater offers $3 movies once a week during the summer, so we've been taking advantage!

We came home long enough to grab a quick lunch, then Chet headed to the golf course with Reese and Cru. The kids have spent a lot of time at the course this summer; they love it!  They played 13 holes that afternoon! Thank you, Daddy!  Evee and I cooked and napped during that time :)

As fast as they came in the door, we were running back out it to Uncle Jeff's pond for a fun evening of family and fireworks!

The picture above is Cru with my Aunt Becky....the kids love her.  Like really, really LOVE her!

Love this next shot of Charlee and Ty....he used to do the same thing with his tongue when concentrating...

Our kids had no fear when it came to fire....

So happy I caught Reese in her moment of taking pictures....

Oh the little girls....

Cru and Christian...quite the duo!

Cru, Evee, Charlee, Casen, Christian, and Reese ♥ lighting a stack of dollar bills on fire!

We decided to hurry back to Mac for the fireworks show at the park....huge my opinion! Next time, we will enjoy our family's private show at the pond!

We wrapped up our night with a little show from our neighbors....

Awesome day of celebrating AMERICA'S birthday!!

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