Monday, June 24, 2013

May Fete and Why Not Throw in a Dance Recital

This was Reese's third year of performing at McPherson's annual May Fete....seriously, LOVE All School's Day week!!!

And I love that Reese has lucked out each year she has participated and performed at the park....nothing better!

Nothing unusual about a storm brewing the day of.  But we said our prayers, and were thankful that just like every other year, the storm held least until Reese was done, then hit and cleared the park.

Enjoy the pictures!

Reese's friend, Ian, was the little May Fete prince ♥

Thank you, Aunt Cheyna, for Reese's amazing up-do!!!!

Eye-catching entertainment for Miss E.

So thankful for our families that love and support Reese unconditionally!


 Homecoming King and Queen ♥

 Very proud of her!!!

Seriously, the hair!!!  So perfect!!!

An AWESOME fan club!!!  Thanks for the support everyone- Jase, Reese, Josie, Carter, Reanna!!!
Then little sister said, "Lets celebrate with thunder and margaritas!" 

And since we're on the subject of dance, I thought I'd go ahead and share about Reese's recital.  It's always a long three days of traveling back and forth to Hutch, but worth it in the end!

And make up and milk shakes always make things better!

Aunt Cheyna to the hair rescue yet again!!!

This time, homecoming queen, Bobby Jo Gentry, went for an actual ride with her pick up man....and yes, she really was as scared as she looked!

Grandmas doing the Too-Dee-Taw 

We are so thankful McPherson has such a wonderful, sweet dance instructor; bless her and her patience.

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