Thursday, June 6, 2013

End of the School Year Activites

Hard to believe another school year has came to an end....not hard to believe that I'm just now blogging about it.

Lets begin with Cru.  Here he is on his first day....

Cru loved school!  Never once complained about getting up every Tuesday/Thursday mornings, asked every night at bedtime if he had school the next day (still asking that!), loved all the kids in his class, and most of all, adored his teacher.  He walked away soaking up way more knowledge than I ever thought he would.  I still believe he'll be like my brother and love the social part of school way more than the learning part.  We are very proud of all he accomplished in his first year.

On the last day, his class took a field trip to the "castle" park in Lindsborg complete with a sack lunch, which to a 4 year old, that's a huge treat!

Did you always compare your lunch to your friends'???  I love this!

By the end of lunch, Evee was sandwiched between these two eating their leftovers....

The two boot wearin' boys in the class....Andrew and Cru.

The three amigos....Cru, Cole, and Asher....a whole lot of cuteness followed by a whole lot of orneriness!

Those three boys weren't the only ones giving Ms. Becky a run for her money this year....just take a look at what she had to deal with each and every day!

I think that picture sums them all up pretty well :)  Haha!

Cru is already looking forward to another year with these awesome kiddos - Sam, Graham, Onna, Cole, Olivia, Bella, Andrew, Lainey, Cru, Wyatt, Vincent, and Asher ♥

Ms. Becky has a true gift to work with these kids day in and day out.  She is patient, energetic, keeps them in check, and loves each one of them as if they were her own kids....or at least, she puts up that front ;)  The school is so truly blessed to have her!

Onto our little kindergartener.....

I guess I should call her a first grader now :(

I'm not going to sugar coat anything and say it was a happy, magical, loved-going-every-day year for Reese; it started out pretty rough, and I was worried.  But, we continued to stay positive and encourage her as often as possible, and by the second half of the year, things were looking up.  And surprisingly, it was when she started attending kindercare and staying at school all day that she loved it the most.  I kick myself for not signing her up sooner.  We are so proud of her accomplishments this year!  It really is so amazing to witness your child reading.  And as a side note for my own records, Reese never missed one day of school this entire year.

The class did lots of fun things the last couple weeks of school, one being a field trip to Sedgwick County Zoo.  Chet was able to take the day off to watch Cru and Evee, so I could tag along.

Andrea and I were in charge of these four - Blake, Spencer, Josie, and Reese.

Andrea and I got a kick out of Mr. Gorilla...apparently, he didn't share in our enjoyment...

And probably my favorite memory of the trip....

So thankful for our time together ♥

Another school memory that I remember and love so much was field day.  I always signed up for the jump rope race.  Reese's school does field day just a little bit different than the way Lincoln school did their's umpteen years ago, but let me just tell you, I have never seen a field day so organized and disciplined and educational!  Another reason I love her school so much!

There were several different teams and each team included students from every grade, K-6th.  I was so impressed with how helpful and encouraging all the 5th and 6th graders were.  So impressive!

Each game had a theme and each theme had geographical connections.

I invited Charlee to come watch Reese (then spend the night...more on that later!).  The sun was a scorcher that afternoon, but that didn't stop her, Cru, and Everlee from having fun!

At one point, Cru and I walked across the playground to watch Reese, and when I turned back to see what Evee and Charlee were doing.....

Up to no good!  They were covering their faces, lips included, in sunscreen!  I can imagine the trouble they are going to get into in the coming years!!!

When field day was over, each grade lined up to go back to their classrooms, and Reese's class lined up in a boy line and girls line without being told.  Reese has told me since the first day of school that they do this so the boys learn how to be awesome, huh?

On Reese's last day of school, the kindergarteners and 6th graders were honored at a special celebration mass.

The kindergarteners decorated candles and the 6th graders light them....kind of like passing the torch.  It was very touching.

The rest of the ceremony was mainly to honor the outgoing 6th graders, but kindergarteners did receive certificates from Mrs. Burghart and Father Hien.

They had a little cake reception afterwards.

Reese has always been good buddies with Carter, but I think she really enjoyed his familiar face this year.

We are so grateful for Mrs. Burghart.  She is a very passionate teacher that wants the very best for each and every student.

Crazy to think in just one short school year, Roberta gets to deal with all this orneriness!!!

God bless her!

And God bless summertime!  We are ready to enjoy it!

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