Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Sports

Reese participated in the same spring basketball clinic that she played in last year. 

She's still fairly reserved on the court, except in the huddle when her and her friend decided to tell the head coach that they think he's handsome.  No joke.  And yes, for those of you who are wondering, she's talking about Mr. Kinnamon!

Back to basketball.

She does great at each station....

but still holds back when they scrimmage.   

I don't blame's hard playing with the boys!

Who cares if it's usually her social skills that see the most improvement over the 5 weeks....

she's out there having fun with her friends and being active, and that's all we really care about.

An autograph never hurt either!

While Reese spent her Sunday afternoons on the basketball court, Cru spent his Tuesday and Thursday evenings on the soccer field.

I'm not gonna lie, we aren't soccer people.  I loved watching all the cute players in high school, but that must have been all I watched because I know absolutely nothing about the dang sport.  Combine that with the hell not so fun we went through last year, and you have a couple of not excited parents.


cue night one.  First of all, Aunt Cheyna is Cru's coach!

Second, Reese said she did not want to play, therefore, we did not sign her up....huge stress relief all in itself!

And then it just kept getting better!  Cru loved it!  I mean LOVED it!  He listened, he participated, and he was good!

After the first week, I think they had at least four sessions cancelled due to the bad weather.  I was afraid he would lose interest, but thank goodness, he didn't.  He loved going every week, never put up a fight getting ready, and continued to do well and improve.  And he scored goals all the time; that was fun to watch.  And best of all, took very few water breaks!  Haha!  Last year, all he wanted to do was drink water.


 The only challenge was Miss E.....

She thought it was playtime with Cheyna.  And if she wasn't running on the field, she was trying to pee in the grass...

So we did our best to keep her entertained and distracted!

Cru's favorite game was steel the bacon.  It's basically like musical chairs, but with soccer balls.  Out of the umpteen times they played, I think he didn't win twice.  He had a strategy and stuck to it!

I know, tons of pictures.  I took my camera every week; I didn't want to miss anything!

Like the way he screamed every time they stretched and counted to 10....

and his little moments with Cheyna ♥

and how he loved wearing his shin guards on the outside of his socks thanks to his buddy, Cole....

and how he made new friends....

and learned what's it's like to be competitive, kind of :)

and most of all, the way he curls his right arm and presses his tongue against the inside of his bottom side lip when he's really trying hard....

I've really missed watching him.

We appreciate the time and patience the coaches had week after week....

Especially Aunt Cheyna!  She was the best leader to those energetic, sometimes whiny, sometimes mean four year old boys!

So proud of you, buddy!

 Can't wait until next year!  Never thought I'd say that!

But until then, I'm going to soak up all I can of tball!!!!

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